Charles / Carolus Magnus / Karl der Große, Rex Francorum & Imperator Romanorum - Charles / Carolus Magnus / Karl der Große, Rex Francorum & Imperator Romanorum is your 34th great grandfather

Started by Aimee C. Speidel von Ofterdingen on Sunday, July 21, 2013
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Oh dear, Dorothy. All of the 1,000+ managers of Charlemagne are free to join this discussion. I suppose most of them know who Charlemagne was and don't care too much how he appears, as long as he is recognisable to them.

And as for Charles Martel, "Mayor of the Palace" is what he should be. "Dux" simply means "general" (or more accurately "leader of a war-band") at this point of time. "Princeps" means that he was the boss. But he was the boss because (as Mayor of the Palace) he had in his doubtless loving care the long-haired sacred Merovingian king, and wasn't going to let him out of his loving care, except of course to God.

God help us, but there are worse problems than Charlemagne's titles on Geni. I don't bother with Classical Roman genealogy, but now that Geni allows us to put in adoptive parents, there are huge numbers of additional relationships to put in.

And I've always found Justin to be patient long past the point where most of us would explode, and very knowledgeable.


unwarranted accusations? ... and just were would you like me to post it? I didn't even need to point this out to you It not my JOB!! ....but I am trying to help improve this site. Check the revisions over the past several years.

I posted what I did to prove there are mistake on Geni concerning this topic.

Keep in mind you started implying I do not belong here on Gen for whatever reason, not to mention you've insulted me with your own unwarranted accusations.

FYI the curator of that MP profile is here in this discussion forum, why should I start yet another discussion that will get me nowhere?

Now you're aware of this mistake... that's all that matters.. Not your personal views towards me. As a curator now you can fix thing and make them right. Insulting me wont help the Geni site only your ego.

If you want to help people like Tracey Hamilton learn about her ancestors, then let others add to the tree and posts other sources of information ...stop implying there are no more Ancestors to be added to the tree based on only your findings from 1 site.

And it doesn't take an expert to be a curator ...LMAO If you wish to insult me again in a public form like this again I WILL report you

Woodman... I am 100% Friesen LOL need I say more? Sorry Justin and I go off on the wrong foot.... But I will not be insulted by him or anyone.

Dorothy, the reason you would start a discussion from the right profile is a courtesy to other users who are managers of that profile or who are following it. If you only intend to have a private discussion with Sharon you can send her a private message.

Sharon has made it quite clear that she wishes not to convers with me in this forum or in privet. She's let me with no other choice but request help from you or other curators.

I would love to go through this site and find conflicts and try to fix them or get help to fix them. I've found so many already that I have not brought to a curators attention. I have the time to help the curators make this site better. I really don't mind spending my time finding doubles etc...

I'm what many have said addicted to Genealogy. I love reading all the stories of my ancestors. I am so proud of all their accomplishment that changed world history.

I am even grateful for your knowledge that you've shared with me and others here in this forum . I am truly sorry I came across the way you've describe me to be. But I'm an asset to this site too on other generations.

Personally I really don't care what names, titles or language you want to use on Geni ... I am thinking from a marketing point of view ... Using the most common recognizable names for profiles such as Charlemagne's word bring in more hits on Google and attract more users to this site.

Can we try to work together? I apologize to the other members that are in this forum too . But please in the future, message me privately before you insult me in public and suggest I leave Geni all together? That's all I ask of you Justin.

Thanks, Dorothy. There is no doubt you can be an asset. I suggested you would want to leave if you don't like working collaboratively. That's a decision entirely up to you.

We always need people like you who are watching for problems. There is always more work to do than there are people to do it. There are many profiles that have never yet been properly sourced. And, it's easy for mistakes to slip in from merges and from web trees that are just plain wrong.

One thing that makes working on Geni a challenge is that just about anyone can change just about anything. It's not humanly possible for curators or managers to watch every change to thousands of profiles. One bad merge can have a domino effect. Within days the tree can be totally messed up and it might be weeks before anyone notices.

It requires a great deal of patience, as well as a non-blaming approach to problem solving. It's not the fault of the curator or the managers. They didn't know their information had been changed. And very often, the culprit is not who it looks like it is. It would take longer to figure out who messed up than to just fix the problem and move on.

So, let's do that. Focus on specific problems and move on.

Great!!! :)

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