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Started by Justin Durand on Tuesday, February 4, 2014
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remi do you think dansk konge is acceptable Gorm "den Gamle", dansk konge

Gorm "den Gamle", dansk konge is considered to be the first Danish king, and as that he should ofcourse be called "dansk konge" which translated to English is "Danish king".

I would prefer, though, that Jelling be removed from his Birth surname. That is the place i died in, he was born in York, England, and Jelling has never been part of his name.

"den Gamle" = "the Old" which could be possible to add to his MIddle name Field, His father First name is probably Knut, but had and used the nickname Hardeknut, which probably meens that he was a tough guy. So Gorms Lastname should be Knutson, since his fathers firstname probably is Knut.

But I haven't read the sources for this, so don't take my opinions as facts.

I put a low priority on getting the title exactly right. It needs to be done, of course, but there are usually much bigger problems. I like Harald's solution of using "king in Norway", "king in Denmark", "king in Uppsala", etc. as an easy fix until someone has time to dig out the exact saga reference.

The idea of "king in" has been sound historical practice in many areas where the exact territorial relationship is a bit unclear. For example, Graf im Aargau, dux in Aquitaine, comes in Britain, etc.

There are issues of clarity and historicity to be resolved in every case of medieval genealogy.

Factually we properly use names, or amplification of names, for persons which most probably were not in common use at that time.

Our justification lies in the subsequent 'usage' by reputable genealogists or by family trees drawn up over the succeeding years.

However the important factor is that this 'name' assists the present generation's identification of the historic personality, neither adding nor subtracting from their pedigree.

What we should both flag and identify is that some enthusiastic or misguided members place too much reliance upon Wikipedia.

A number of fictional elements have consequently been entered into Geni by contributors whose primary resort is in fact Wikipedia and other family trees of untested origins, rather than resorting to more scholarly resources. Scarcely a research technique which would endear them to a university lecturer, or indeed future users of the fictional material created.

Pamela Joyce Tisdale Poppe Antrup Geni paths vary over time - partly because people edit the tree, partly because Geni's process for searching the path is a bit random. Feel free to message me privately if you want to look more closely into it - no sense in extending a year-old unrelated discussion.

Showing 31-36 of 36 posts

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