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Started by Gregg VanSolen Rasor on Monday, July 11, 2016
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Greetings Cuz's, my genealogy traced back to Ragnar being my 33rd great grandfather. Whether he was or was not, I bet many of our ancestors crossed paths. For my linage search and my DNA Tribes results it is amazing to follow the path and connect the dots . How my Granddad knew he was Danish even as it was about 500 to 600 yrs before his birth that ancestors came from Norway, Sweden, and Danes that came to France then England and Wales to the US. I'm pretty excited and never expected to get as far back as about 0235 AD.with Vikingings and Scots.

Hey Deb,
I am also related to him as he is my 32nd Great Grandfather on my Grandmother's side.

Ragnar "Lodbrok" Sigurdsson is my 31st great grandfather.


I have also found my way back to him. Sancho I the Populator, King of Portugal is my 22nd great grandfather.

No, you haven't Private User since it is impossible to find your way back to a non-historical person. You need to recheck the links between you and Ragnar for truthfullness and cut the link where you find no or untrustworthy sources.

This also goes for all the others of you that claim being a descendant of this non-historical person that Ragnar is, all of you need to check your links back to him and cut the link where the sources aren't good enough and considered untrustworthy. I'm sure every one of you will find such untrustworthy links between you and Ragnar. So please help our tree to get more correct instead of claiming being a descendant of a non-historical person.

Thanks, Remi
I have always wondered how true these 'links' REALLY are and how we really know what is true and what is not. I have done the 'how are you connected' and some are pretty unbelievable. Pretty disappointing if its all guess work and people are just typing in garbage.


Then, Private User, you should take the consequences of your wondering and check the truthfullness for yourself. You should never trust other peoples work unless they have added sources for their information or can give you sources upon your request.

You should never publish ancestry to someone unless you are pretty sure it is correct. Which is the opposite of what you did here whan saying you found your way back to Ragnar.

People add alot of wishfull thinking to Geni instead of using trustworthy sources. The rest of us should allways try to cut the links where the sources are untrustworthy after starting a discussion about the link/person or after finding trustworthy sources which can make us cut the link and adding the information from the Source into the persons bio.

Hey Remi, I am new at this!

I have asked how to cut that link and waiting on some advice to be given back. That connection is not FROM my tree from ME typing into my tree.

It is not the information that I personally put into my tree and my information that I type in is accurate, so please try to understand my point of view. The distance in the connection appears that there are quite a few trees between mine and this one.

As I said I have now submitted a ticket to get some advice to fix the problem to cut that link. Not much more I can do at this point until I receive direction on HOW.

Thank you

Hello, Julie,

Try not to take personal offence, although I felt how hard it was myself, when it happened to me, exactly this very same situation. We can´t be blamed for what Geni present to us, only for what we personally add, just like You & me.

Kind regards from P.A. in Sweden

Julie, something else to keep in mind is that when you have a line back so far you almost certainly share it with millions of people alive today, and thousands of Geni users. Unless you specialize in those line yourself you aren't likely to know which are good and which are bad. Other people who do specialize in medieval lines will be doing that work.

Dear Per Anders Dencker and Justin Swanstrom,

I really appreciate your comments, thank you. When people are new to these 'databases' and programs it is really lovely to have experienced people give support by suggesting ideas and giving tips along the way of what they have learnt and what they know.

I believe this helps those that are trying to learn to understand. My mother always said a little patience shown goes a long way. When I have been in a position where I could choose to help someone learn or to be rude to them, or just walk away, I have chosen to help because, at the end of the day, that is what makes it work well as a large community. :)

Thank you, both,

Thanks Julie for Your kind words. Rudeness & false accusations should never be accepted, so when I noticed what You were facing & as I have experienced exactly the same myself I just had to support You. Maybe we could keep in touch & keep on helping each other & see what we might find out. Anyway, see You later in the Tree :)

Have a nice weekend/P.A.

Yes, P.A. that would be lovely to work with you and keep in touch. I think that is the way forward to more positive results.

Julie, maybe you should look at this or some other beginners guide to genealogy: http://www.findmypast.com.au/articles/articles-and-guides/beginners...

I see that you have been on Geni since september 2016 so you have a few months on here, how much experience in genealogy you have before joining Geni I do not know.

But by mentioning your relationship to persons supposedly living 1300 years ago, you are setting a pretty high standard. Beginners usually try to get control over their close ancestors instead of their 30th something ancestor.

As a beginner I would advice you to:
1. Talk to your living relatives, specially the older ones. Get their stories before it is to late. When they are dead it is to late and the stories are gone.

2. When you have a pretty good overview of your close ancestors, move on to the ones living in the 19th Century. Get their vital data from the archives such as birthdates, baptisms, confirmations, wedding dates, number, names and dates of children, date of death and burials. Get census datas.

3. Then get som more meat on the bones: Look up Letters, Family bibles, photographs and other memorabilia. Find School protocols,, wills, probate records, real estate registers, tax records, protocols of legal proceedings, court journals and prisonregisters, address books and a lot of other primary sources.

4.Use secondary sources (sourced books, articles, internet sites, ie.) and tertiary sources (unsourced internet sites, books, article, ie.) carefully. They have a lot of wrong and untrustworthy information in them. Allways try to check the information in these sources with primary sources. Never trust what is written in them unless it is sourced with a trustworthy source. When in doubt ask or start a discussion.

5. Getting back to the medeival age (people living in 1537 or earlier) is extremely difficult. After doing this for more than 30 years, I have only 2 ancestral lines that have people living before 1537 with the use of trustworthy sources, please keep that in mind.

6. It is not a goal to get as far back in time as possible, it is a goal to get a correct tree as possible, and when we are in doubt, our tree stops there. We do never publish uncertainties or wishful thinking unless it is clearly marked as such. Our other goal is to get as much history about their lives as possible. It is boring to read a book that only have the names and vital datas. The histories and photographs are important.

7. Our working theories either belong in the About me section on Geni, in documents kept on your own computer or in public discussions on genealogical discussion forums.

After doing courses in genealogy for beginners for a couple of decades, these are my advice.

Good luck with your research. This is a fun and interesting hobby, allthough timeconsuming.


Hi Julie,

Here we go again, obviously. You & I are not alone knowing that we are not the ones claiming anything here, but Geni presents it for us, while we are busy adding our close & dear ones, building our family tree, watching the tree grow, clinching to other threes. We´re able to keep one thing from another, holding two thoughts in our brains at the same time without mixing them up. "Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans"/ John Lennon...

Kind regards/ P.A.

Good morning

PA beautifully said.
Remi thanks for your suggestions

Since I joined Geni I have been active adding my information into my tree. But as you may notice, if you have some form of access be able to study my activity, that I am not active on Geni every day. When time permits I will come on and have a look around but I have limited time to spend on Geni.

I am currently travelling (as from yesterday) so you will possibly notice for the next week my activity will be even less. If I get a chance to log in I will and at times I will be logged in but not active.


Denna Profil dök upp igår. Är detta samma "legendary/saga/myth" & ett hopplock av flera personer eller har vi här en historisk Ragnar Lodbrok?

Deleted duplicate profile of Ragnar Lothbrok

Folk legger stadig inn nye kopier, de fleste ser ut til å tro at de snakker om samme person.
De dagene jeg orker sender jeg en melding til dem om at de må slutte å lage duplikater.
Kan f.eks. peke på dette prosjektet:


Thanks, Harald, for Your reply. This Profile looks a bit different from the others so I got curious, still hoping for a historical Ragnar I guess ;)...I surely don´t envy You who have to clean the Tree from duplicates & fake ones as well...

33rd g-grandfather. but, he might be mythological. and ralf the ganger WAS NOT his brother...'rollo' wasn't even born until about a hundred years after ragnar died.

Can someone tell me if Ragnar Lodbrok Sigurdsson is fake then why did Snorri write about him? And also why would a Swedish King have him for a father? I'm not understanding, is it because there is only a few references to him in history like King Ælla throwing him into a pit full of snakes?

He's like King Arthur. Maybe a little bit real but probably a combination of different legends about different men. People wrote about him because it's a good story. And kings claimed descent from him in the same way that Welsh kings claimed descent from King Arthur's sister.

Ragnar seems to be based on a real person, King Arthur is probably based on a real person, and as far a Joshua bar Joseph of Nazareth, a real whatever, but most ligament historians believe he did live, he did die. Bjorn Ironside was real, and there is no reason to suggest that his fathers name was not Ragnar. The 'Vikings' is BS, Rollo was not related to either Ragnar nor Bjorn, and in fact was not even born until a hundred years later. The TV show is just that, make believe. We should proably think of Ragnar as a George Washington of sorts. George never chopped down a cherry tree, did not have wooden teeth...but did live.

I think the problem is more complicated than that. Ragnar is probably based on more than one real person.

So what about the account of Ragnar not wanting his sons to become Kings of his Kingdom? He elected to put in a non family member in as king. I believe the sons both from his first wife died were they tried to overthrow the man Ragnar put as king!
Now this is just something I read but it make Ragnar look like a horrible father, he didn't want his own sons to gain high fame than himself!
Having said all of this, it came from somewhere in history written down or told through the ages!
I do wish the Swedish would have kept better records of their royals!

Gregg, but they did. The problem most likely seems to be that few stories, records have survived from that time, all that is left is the sagas, one of them is late from 1200, called the Hervarar saga, the saga in turn consist of elder material, one part in the saga was added in the 1600, consisting of the kings in Sweden, the other saga is Ragnar Lodbrokes saga, also from around 1200, according to both sources, Björn Ironside was the son of Ragnar and got Svitjod to rule over from his father. Björn did so to say founded the new dynasty of kings in Sweden and most kings decedent from him in one or another way, first directly, then later often because of intermarriages within the nobility or other royal houses.

So Ragnars saga, is that in the Poetic Edda or the Elder Edda?
Thank you Ulf I'm trying to learn as much as I can so I can understand better how our ancestors lived and where I came from! And the best part is I'm finding new relatives along my journey into the past!

Hi Gregg VanSolen Rasor
If you check out this Project page about Ragnar https://www.geni.com/projects/Ragnar-Lodbrog/27426 it has links to English versions of both the sagas that Ulf mentioned.
The Eddas are something else entirely.

Thank you Alex!

My maiden name was LUDBROOK and I have been advised that we came from the Vikings and there even has been a suggestion that we are related to Ragnar Lodbrok. Would love to hear from someone who has done this research.

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