Giuditta, d'Austria - House of Babenberg

Started by Livio Scremin on Tuesday, August 6, 2019
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Mike, this is just one of the profiles that Jason destroyed, beyond all sense.
Eric the Victorious, king of Sweden

Not did he start a discussion before cutting off the parents, renaming them N.N., apparently know cutted off also, and locked it all down. He knows best, not! There are experts in this field that has cleared out which sources are the most reliable and why, and also, the tree represented that before his on his own single act, involvement.

Now the profile is destroyed and as a fact, no other curator has the stomach to oppose his bad decision. It's also bad that we in Scandinavia doesn't have any curators at all that are interested or educated in this part of the history, so no help from this side of the world is expected.

This is just one example, so yes, I'm serious. Put back your straw-man argument in the bale. Unfortunately, you're a part of the problem and yes, your response is likely, if this site doesn't fit you, go somewhere else. It's not the site that doesn't fit, it's some of your curators that doesn't belong here. They could countinue as a regular user, but should be stripped off the ability to curate, or be demonstrated clear guidelines to uphold and be supervised until they get it.

I didnt cut the parents of erik the victorious Remi did

Mike Stangel sorry I don't know American slang, if I ran into some canine command it wasn't my intent! "Sorry!!".

In any case, in the gist of the speech you asked me to show you how the method suggested by the GENI guidelines was better than those used by @J ...
I spent hours doing it, I was hoping for your opinion.

Private User FYI you can tell who made changes to a profile by looking on the Revisions tab. In this case, "Eric the Victorious, king of Sweden was disconnected from his parent Björn the old, king of the Svear and sibling Olaf "the Mighty", king of the Svear by Remi Trygve Pedersen. May 5, 2018 at 12:38 PM" [note times are displayed locally to you]

If you think this was a bad change, then I recommend starting a discussion on the profile to ask why the parents were removed. Be prepared to provide reliable sources for who you think the parents should be.

Livio Scremin if you feel the naming conventions that our curators are using do not fit generally-accepted genealogical principles or if you feel they leave important information out, then we can have that discussion... but do it without making accusations that other users are "destroying" the profiles by following guidelines that differ from your preference. In the end, however, there's no other solution than for our curators to set the naming guidelines. Convince them by sticking to the facts. That's the way it works.

Mike Stangel ok as you say, we remain focused, I in all possible ways failed to get myself taken seriously, and I see the profiles multilingual crippled one after the other:
Here, now, the historical profiles tagged/listed on the left <--, by hovering over the mouse, you can get a preview of the information: (& or go inside)
-2 have remained as I did. [GENI guidelines method]
-2 with the wrong "diplay name sistem" of @J
(the king tagged by Ulf does not center)
Can you express an opinion?

My $.02 comment.

To all concern. Interesting replies to this issue, and others. "Good management makes good sense".

Myself, I would look at the whole picture on this world wide family tree, and make sure that all profiles be text translataible according to the population language of concern.

Secondly, I would only assigned those qualified curators to certain and uncertain time lines, and must be qualified by having a doctorate within World History It wouild be a plus if they minor in Genealogy, Archeology, Anthropology, Sociology. Especially, understanding the sensitive timelines of medieval periods, and its managers of these profiles.

Then delegate to these special curators to come up with logical, conservative plans to inform, assist, and getting consensus from family tree members before making blind changes.

Through the many years of hard work in researching family lineages that leads to their ancestors roots. Many like myself has made it a lifetime quest to find our historical past. So in short, stop having these not to qualified curators inputting N.N. at the end of OUR tree, and keep the profiles that was there before. Until, proof emerges that is written in parchment, stone, scriptures, and text. So, I suggest that they leave the profiles alone, until the majority of that population gives it consenses!

Another issues concerning inviting new interested members. For several years I have commented, and suggested that Geni should be informing new members on inputting their whole GED into lineages that is already there.

Unfortunately, they are coming in blind, don't have a clue if there is already a tree in place. I believe that an assigned sponsor can give proper directions on how to link into a tree. This will eliminate a lot of issues in merging profiles that already exist, because it is to time consuming, and it is distracting them from giving proper assistance to current members..

I know that we have to work together, and make this Genealogical Site the best World Wide Family Tree. So, lets continue to do our best, and assist within our unlimited resources.

Cousin Kenneth Joseph Bagg Neder, Thank You ! That makes perfect sense and I agree wholeheartedly.

I also think that no unqualified people should be allowed to monkey with profiles from whom they're not directly descended. Because I consider that sort of activity "conflicting interests".

I wish we had "Like" and "Dislike" thumbs for comments.

I've been following this as Guiditta aka Judith, etc is my 23 great grandmother. I just typed in a few names - only one or two on one of my lines and one morning awoke and "Voila!" Pretty cool and the whole discussion here has been heartening that a woman who lived in the early 12th century could foster such interest today.

I keep thinking that only a year ago, I knew so little about my family and now I am listening to the best genealogy scholars in the world debate and sort an extremely important policy. I appreciate your passion, dedication, and commitment to accuracy.

I am sure that Guiditta is smiling somewhere.

Susanne Floyd and now I wish we'd make a "Like" feature so I could put it on your post!

Livio Scremin I'm happy to put in my opinion (for what it's worth) but you'll have to forgive me, I need to look at the specific examples you posted and I'm not sure if you're referring to profiles mentioned earlier in this thread. Can you tell me the names of which 2 "have remained as I did. [GENI guidelines method]" and which 2 have "the wrong "diplay name sistem" of @J " ?

Mike Stangel they are still there on the left <--, to you to distinguish my 2, from the 2 modified ones.

now I'm a little busy, but later if you still haven't succeeded, I promise to dedicate you more lines on lines & lines :)

Okay, well I see 5 profiles in the "Profiles Mentioned" section. Whether hovering over them or clicking through to their profile pages, I don't really see any issues with the names. I wouldn't say 2 of them look usable and 2 of them look unusable. Which leads me to three conclusions:

1. I'm willing to hear why YOU think 2 of them show a problem that 2 of them do not;

2. This is why we use curators, who are generally well-versed in the times and locations, to figure out naming standards rather than a software engineer;

3. My opinion is probably not very valuable on this topic.

Mike Stangel -_- I anticipate this: out of 2 of them you only see English (I only see Italian, and a German would only see German)

On my 2, everyone sees their own language, but also how they are identified in the trees in the original language, or in the international trees -_-

@ Mike Strangle - Thanks. It doesn't show up for some reason when I do as I am told and type @ and search. Oh well.

@ Livio Scremin - I so appreciate the language nuances and distinctions in titles and protocols through time and place so much more because of the dialogue you promote on these discussions. As I said, "Guiditta is smiling somewhere". Especially that you are so passionately defending her family name and the names of others.

I know it may sound strange and unrelated, but the great author Ursula LeGuin in "The Left Hand of Darkness" considered protocol of alien cultures in the last two chapters of her masterpiece in a most respectful way even when the natives did not quite understand the constraints of anatomy. It might be well worth a read for us all.

Susanne Floyd be sure you're looking under the text box when you type the @ followed by the name... the auto-suggested names appear there. If for some reason you don't get the person you're trying to tag, you can also right-click their name in the discussion, choose "Copy Link" or "Copy URL" (depending on your browser) and then just paste that link to their profile, where you would have put their name. Geni will automatically convert the URL to a tagged name.

Livio Scremin when I hover over each of the 5 (or view their profile), I see their names in the language that matches what I've chosen for the site (English for me, Italian for you) and below that, in smaller print, I see all the other alternate-language names. Specifically, I see:

Judith: "Italian: Giuditta, German: Jutta, Spanish: Judit, Russian: Ютта, Bulgarian: Юдит, Czech: Judita, Greek: Ιουδήθ"

Leopold II: "German: Luitpold II "der Schöne" von Babenberger, markgraf von Österreich"

Ernest: "German: Ernst von Babenberg, "der Tapfere" markgraf von Österreich, Italian: Ernesto di Babenberg, "il Coraggioso" margravio d'Austria"

Leopold III: "German: Luitpold, Italian: Leopoldo"

Eric: "Norse, Old: Eiríkr NN"

When I view the site in Italian, as you are, I see:

Giuditta: "Inglese (predefinito): Judith, tedesco: Jutta, olandese: Judith, spagnolo: Judit, russo: Ютта, bulgaro: Юдит, ceco: Judita, greco: Ιουδήθ"

Leopold II: "tedesco: Luitpold II "der Schöne" von Babenberger, markgraf von Österreich"

Ernesto: "Inglese (predefinito): Ernest of Babenberg, "the Brave" margrave of Austria, tedesco: Ernst von Babenberg, "der Tapfere" markgraf von Österreich"

Leopoldo III: "Inglese (predefinito): Leopold, tedesco: Luitpold"

Eric: "norvegese antico: Eiríkr NN"

Forgive me for being dense, but I still don't see the problem.

Mike Stangel hes saying he wants to be able to see the full german italian and english name and titles at the same time and he cant do it if its in the display name.

I see.... so if you're using the site in Italian you can only see "Inglese (predefinito): Leopold" and not the English display name "Saint Leopold III, Margrave of Austria". Is that the whole problem?

I see only italian, and not original DE or international ENG.

but then you, you can't / want to see how to find it in the original texts..
or perhaps in the probable Italian texts related to the church...

(and a German who displays GENI in German, has no idea how he is identified in the rest of the world) and forward...

Livio Scremin are you saying you do NOT see the smaller-print alternate language names? They're on the hover profile (below the large name, above Birth) and also on the full profile page (below the large name next to the photo, above Gender).

exactly as you see only English, I see only Italian.
And it is not necessary a German to ask him if he sees only German..
The system of bleaching the right fields and writing in the dispay name is WRONG...

now excuse me, but an American has fallen on the heart of Renaissance Europe passing through a Canadian myth, with an automatic GEDCOM, in an area where Italians, born of French, married the German dynasty reigned in Spain. (all optimized by me in the 5 languages:)
..and I'm a BIT disappointed that my public warnings have been completely ignored

Livio Scremin but I'm saying that I *do* see the Italian and German names. (but as Jason says, not the Display Name; if that's the problem, I'm sure we can come up with a solution)

Please point me to this runaway GEDCOM before you start merging or deleting.. I'm still looking for cases like that.

The solution is to fill in the right fields! XD
And use as little as possible the "display name", maybe only when it is necessary to reorganize to shorten what appears on the tree.
now we don't mix the arguments but I link you as requested:

- the first serious alert /!\ :
- 19 hours after & a page of ignore:
-22 hours later it is necessary to cut & delette surgically (I reported the CLONEs on the suffixes)

but the first hint that someone was wrong was this:

So we're back to display name. Would you be satisfied if you could see the display name?

What's to fill in the correct fields that you don't like? o.O

sorry but the programmer who invented this wonderful system does not tell you anything? :O
Seriously, look at the fact that I didn't find a flaw if used correctly, also the very difficult management of maiden surnames is perfect if automatic!
The initial programmer I mean.. do you still work for you? has changed? have you replaced it for someone cheaper? or did you simply buy something better than you expected? o.O

yes im sure insulting him will get you what you want Livio

You're losing ground here, Livio. I've been programming Geni since before the site was launched in 2007. It seems you cannot be satisfied, so I'm going to drop this issue for now. If someone wants to propose something constructive (like, say, showing the display name instead of the individual alternate-name fields), I'd be happy to listen.

sounds good, but with lots of languages takes up some space. maybe a drop down menu?

no sorry @J absolutely no insult, in fact if it is he who has programmed it are only compliments, probably someone is badly advising him on this historical problems dettails as surname / dinasty...
I leave here to posters filling removed, canceled, blocked, not okay for you:
-- title --- Name ----- Surname ------------ Suffix
*... saint - Leopold lll - of Babenberg - margrave of Austria
*heiliger - Luitpold III - von Babenberg - markgraf von Österreich
*..... san - Leopoldo III - di Babenberg - mangravio d'Austria

I am allowed to leave in the INFO the linck to the much estimated here medlands which they also rightly identify as "von Babenberg" and some sites of the church that worship him with an Italian name still today...
Excuse me, bye :)

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