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Started by Livio Scremin on Tuesday, August 6, 2019
Problem with this page?


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I'm thinking the display name should override the individual name fields, just as they do in single-language situations. (Rather than be appended, which I agree would take up too much space). How problematic would that be, and would it solve Livio's concern?

can you do a mock up screen shot?

It seems trivial, but if the whole point of this is that the standard of using the display name causes problems in the alternate-language fields, then just replacing the first/middle/last alternate name with the display name, if available, is what I'm asking about.

Leopold III in Italian, currently (notice "Inglese: Leopold"):

Leopold III in Italian, proposed (notice "Inglese: Saint Leopold III, Margrave of Austria"):

would it be too much to have that but have a option for which primary languages only show the full display name, e,g if someone had english and french as their languages, then those languages are selected as the primary are shown in full, but other languages such as Russian which are entered but the person didnt use, arent shown to everyone but appear to people who use those languages settings

Er... that sounds complicated. :-)

Also it occurred to me that my mock-up wasn't actually what I wanted to propose for the profile page... what I really wanted to propose is to put the alternate display names below the display name at the top of the profile page, and keep the alternate individual name fields below the individual name fields next to the profile photo. That way on the profile page you can see both, just like you see both in your primary language. I would propose that the hover profile only show the alternate display names.

Hey family. Try to do your best. That is all that is asked. You are the storytellers of History. The history of the world. Off all those whom came before us. They deserve our outmost respect. And I am so pleased that you all show such a great interest. You are so so important, dear family. Remember whom you are. Let us stay strong together. This is 2019.

Showing 61-66 of 66 posts

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