Charlemagne - 35th Great Grandfather?

Started by Lee Orr on Monday, September 14, 2020
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Ragnar "Lodbrok" Sigurdsson is your 35th great grandfather.

Private you can't use atDNA as proof of a 9th great grandfather. It is impossible to distuingish the inherited DNA from a single person to what is randomly distributed from your different ancestors at that many generations.

atDNA is useless for more than 4-6 generations, which means that it can only be usable as far back as your 2-4 great grandparents.

So, sorry to say, but you have no atDNA proof back to your 9th great grandfather since it is impossible to use atDNA that many generations back.

How Far Will Autosomal Go Back?
It all depends on what company’s DNA testing kit you use which determines how far back a DNA test will go. Another factor is what type of test you use, as some can go as far back as your original origins, though there are restrictions on what you can find and who can take the test.

Something like 23andMe or AncestoryDNA, with an assumption of 25 years per generation, will go back to around 6 to 8 generations. So, about 150 to 200 years.

It is always worth doing your research when it comes to finding a company that does DNA testing, as some may not be suitable for what you are looking for as an end result.

Remi -- not just him but also other's in South East Asian about 5 % of my DNA originate there specifically Timor.
Living people from Timor and Indonesia my atDNA cousins .

PTID:6000000179829293046:6000000043153991501 - to caveat.

1). You used the term “with solid family trees” and yes, that’s essential. But most of us are not complete & in fact are trying to use at DNA for brick walls. So it must be used quite cautiously, especially in

2) highly endogamous populations such as Ashkenazi Jews. All my predicted “4th cousins” are more 7 / 8th and unknowable beyond “the Pale.”

3) conversely, I have a “perfect” paper trail 4th cousin with no detectable shared DNA. And that’s just the roll of the genetic dice, as I understand it.

I think the ethnicity projections are improving. My inexplicable Filipino disappeared (too bad).

Thx Melissa Gibson and Kim Steinar
Tested with FTDNA
Great sites online to.learn more about atDNA and DNA in general.
Anthrogenica a great forum to join and learn more .
DNA is not useless and not the boogey man

What I see here : relatives via Geni/ genealogy and with my DNA tests also confirming a lot of those relationships from all over the world.
The truth of whom we are.

I have 17 2nd or 3rd cousins on Geni who are also 2nd to 3rd cousins with atDNA.

Yet a 1st to 2nd atDNA cousin in Kyiv that is my 39th 4 times removed cousin on GENI.

My connection to Amsoeboe van Timor well documented on Geni.
In SA a lot of South East Asian ancestors all with a paper trail
that a lot of people have tried to disprove but yDNA ,mtdna and atDNA have proved that those connections / relationships are in fact real.

MyHeritage Genetic Groups go back to the year 1600. This represents 14 generations when assuming 30 years per generation.

23andme do not go so far back, however atDNA is familyfinder can verify geneological work rather far back than 1600 if used correctly. It will raise interesting questions also if DNA do match known ancestor as grandparents.
It is a nice tool and used right have lot of benefits.

DNA -- can be a big help putting one on the right path searching for ancestors.
I now know not related to most other Weyers or Weyer in South Africa.
I know my paternal origins most likely Southern Germany or Austria
My maternal origins most likel Southeastern France or Northern Spain .
atDNA also never shows false positive results if relationship is shown it exists , there migt be relatives that not do not appear amongst atDNA relatives .
Ashkenazi atdna relatives ? They appear in my genealogy as well. Even a Jewish ancestor fled from Spain to Koln 1600's
Yes I have lots but a lot of other friends of mine have none , including my husband 52 % British and more than 80 % of his atdna relatives from UK . No Eastern European for him.

Charlemagne is your 36th great grandfather.
Ragnar "Lodbrok" Sigurdsson is your 39th great grandfather. has Charlemagne as my ancestor by various circuitous routes. When I check the ancestors out, using Wikipedia, anD other sources, I find that somewhere along the line the ancestors cannot be verified. If these ancestors have no provenance they should not be posted on the web-site. Very disappointing to follow through with these lineages only to find they have no proven veracity.

39th GG for me.

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