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Started by Shmuel-Aharon Kam (Kahn / שמואל-אהרן קם (קאן on Sunday, September 5, 2010
Problem with this page?


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Donna Jean Boyle
was once a user so you will need to report it to Customer Service

To expand on what Angus said.

If you have knowledge that a claimed member of Geni has passed on, please do this:

- profile view > actions menu > report > deceased

There's a text box available you can fill with any comments or notes.

The report goes to Geni Customer Support for their action (unclaiming the profile). They have been quite prompt in accomplishing this task.

This process is also covered in the Geni FAQ, footer of every Geni page, I'll post the direct link shortly.

How do I report a profile as Deceased?

posted this on September 23, 2011 02:11 PM
If a relative has passed away, and you do not see the option to update their living status on their profile, it is likely that your relative has claimed their profile with their email address. You may report the profile as deceased. Once it is reported, birthday and anniversary reminders for your relative will be disabled.
Customer service will resolve the report by unclaiming the profile and updating the living status of the profile to deceased. Once the report is resolved, you and your family will be able to edit your relative’s profile.
Steps to report a profile as deceased:
Navigate to their profile page
Click Actions
Choose Report
Select "Deceased" as the reason

Thanks Erica..

Private User


Elizabeth Quick please disconnect the parents, Cornelius & Sarah are her in-laws.

Thank you.

Thank you Angus Wood-Salomon and Erica Howton this helped a great deal.

Dear Curators,

I merged Lydia Sprague and then noticed that though both husbands are Samuel Spragues they have different parents. Yet, too many of the children are the same. So there is some problem here, but I don't know how to solve it. Probably the best thing is to reverse the merge until the research can be done.
I apologize for jumping the gun!
Jessie German

Jessica I have asked Mike to undo the merge..when he does I will get a notification and then I will message you

Thanks, Angus!

rvk are you saying Abraham Samuel / Zanwil Swaab is her right father?


BTW perhaps a new thread on this subject should be opened? this one is becoming very sloooow...

Yes I agree about slowness, Lloyd complained about it last night and I am finding the same..

Mike Stangel Can we delete some of the posts or just start a new discussion and delete this one?

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Angus Wood-Salomon Mike Stangel Customer Service

May I suggest

- this discussion be closed to further posting after a pointing link to a new "curators please assist" discussion
- the same be done with a "zombies please" discussion
- they are made "sticky" so everyone can always see them

Please do not delete the old discussions, they are useful archival information, and the profiles they are tagged to would become confusing.

My thanks, I am having a slow load also on these long topics.


Justin Durand, or anyone who's willing to help,

Hermann II, count of Werl has three parents but i cannot reslove because it "splits" the tree. Correct father is Hermann I and mother is Gerberga

Alex Moes done.


Would it be possible to Archive the first 2 years of this discussion??? or Archive the first from start ---> Dec. of the following year, then yearly after that, maybe keeping current year plus previous year (ie keep 2014 & 2013, then in Jan 2015 archive discussions from 2013) so there would be enough of the past discussions available if a reference were needed. There might need to be a fluid date in Jan depending on if a discussion carries over into the new year--make the break when a discussion is resolved.

Could they be put in a "folder" on the left of the page with year(s) listed in title? Add a heading: Past "Curator, please help" Discussions, then put the folders underneath with year(s) as their titles??? Or put all of this in blue so they can be easily accessed from here--which ever might be easier to do and yet speed up getting to this discussion Reply box.

It would be nice if there was a way to make them "permanent" so no one could go in & delete parts of those past discussions.

Would it be beneficial to have an introduction with purpose and any recommendations that would stay as first entry from year to year. Follow this with:
"2015 Discussions:" (or the appropriate year) Could also start those archived with the year at the top as a heading...

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I have a probleem with
Someone did a wrong merge, but removing one of the parent will give an error (will split the tree)

One Maria has as parents George Abraham Waterreus and Maria Helena van Zijp. This Maria is born after 1899.

The other Maria is Maria Engel Dorothea born 29 sep 1895 in Rotterdam and died 06 dec 1976 in Rotterdam, wife of Johannes Wulfert Wilhelmus van den Eshof and child of Johannes Waterreus and Sophia Maria Theresia Steenlage.

Today I've got a message that there's a duplicate of a certain "Joseph Dick".
I have looked into my datas but I have none. His wife should be a "Karoline Binswanger" and I have one with that name but another writing and not married to Joseph Dick.
So that profile has to be deleted.
Karoline Dick

and this one alsoMax Dick


i make an error :(

Gilles Blondeau i add Guy Blondeau
well now the tree look like 2 father Guy+ a wife
i cant delete my error and canot merge the 2 guy

sorry for inconvenience

Does that fix it enough that you can work with it, Martin RhNegativ ?

thank you Mr Cornett i have work on 2 profile at the same time from 2 diferent site that why i was confuse

Yes, the length of this discussion is making it uncomfortably slow.

Continued at

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