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Stephen Friend
4/20/2021 at 10:22
using a post request to

and documentation from https://www.geni.com/platform/developer/help/api?path=profile%2Fadd&version=1

returns the following error

{"error":{"type":"ApiException","message":"no implicit conversion of Symbol into Integer"}}

any idea, why I get this message?
Private User
5/9/2023 at 5:27
Because birth is a complex record, not just a number

"birth" : {
"name" : "Birth of Charlemagne",
"description" : "Charlemagne is believed to have been born in 742; however, several factors have led to a reconsideration of this date. First, the year 742 was calculated from his age given at death, rather than from attestation in primary sources. Another date is given in the Annales Petarienses, April 1, 747. In that year, April 1 was at Easter. The birth of an emperor at eastertime is a coincidence likely to provoke comment, but there was no such comment documented in 747, leading some to suspect that the Easter birthday was a pious fiction concocted as a way of honoring the Emperor. Other commentators weighing the primary records have suggested that his birth was one year later, in 748. At present, it is impossible to be certain of the date of the birth of Charlemagne. The best guesses include April 1, 747, after April 15, 747, or April 1, 748, in Herstal (where his father was born, a city close to Li\u00e8ge in modern day Belgium), the region from where both the Merovingian and Carolingian families originate. He went to live in his father's villa in Jupille when he was around seven, which caused Jupille to be listed as a possible place of birth in almost every history book. Other cities have been suggested, including, Pr\u00fcm, D\u00fcren, Gauting and Aachen.\r\n\r\nCharlemagne's birth-name, \"Charles\" was derived from his grandfather, Charles Martel. The name derives from \"karl\", a Germanic stem meaning \"man\" or \"free man\",[4] related to the English \"churl\". The earliest extant forms of Charlemagne's name are in the Latinate form, \"Carolus\" or \"Karolus\".\r\n\r\nIn many Slavic languages, the very word for \"king\" derives from Charles' Slavicised name.\r\n\r\n\n--------------------\nAix-la-Chapelle was a palace. Aachen is located at what is now the German border, just where the boundaries of Belgium & the Netherlands meet.",
"date" : {
"day" : 2,
"month" : 4,
"year" : 747,
"circa" : true,
"formatted_date" : "circa April 2, 747"
"location" : {
"place_name" : "Unknown ",
"street_address1" : "Likely in present Belgium (Herstal) or Germany",
"latitude" : 50.6625,
"longitude" : 5.6233333,
"formatted_location" : "Unknown, Likely in present Belgium (Herstal) or Germany"