Charles "Martel", Duke of the Franks - Record of Alternative Data After Merges

Started by Sharon Doubell on Monday, December 10, 2012
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Toynbee and Gibbon are pre-Annales School. I'm glad you threw out Structuralism here. I had been starting to think your New York City schools might have been behind my rural Colorado high school ;)

But if you had Structuralism, I'm surprised you even encountered Charles the Hammer. We didn't get to do Structuralism until we had a base in historiography.

thank you. I was familar with charlimange not so much this one. Learning curve for me. I've been tired and dealing with a cranky kid and i jumped the gun in assuming that it was written up in the about me. This 2 year old like the enigizer bunny has most of my attention these days. Anyway Justin I didn't skip out on history class lol.. I was in a bad car accident my freshmen year in high school and had to be home schooled for some time and missed most of required freshmen history teachings because of it. So hearing of this guy later on was a supprise for me.. They didn't say was his alt name then either..

I was trying to remember high school world history & it's just not visualizing, so it must have been pretty standard; I didn't take advanced courses in history, which were on offer from partnerships with colleges.. I'm quite sure I never ran across the word "histiography" until college. High school history vividness is Vietnam War & Civil Rights, with fantastic passionate teachers. The New York City Teacher's Union was socialist & radical, and am very glad they were.

It took me a while to save after high school as i came from a poor small town so advanced world history was not in my reach sadly.. would have come in handy.

looks pretty much to me like this has been resolved.. lets move on to the next big chalenge ok?

In my hight school history class which was self taught by my parents because of a serious car accident which left me with re-oucuring health issues which is a private discussion for another time he left out most of early french history instead opting for me to learn more about my hertiage so if it were Colla-da-Chrioch or Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley that would be more my specialty area though I did know a little about Napoleon Bonaparte so this was a learning experience for me with charlimange and all if i remember correctly peppin is his great great grandfather? That's as far back as i can remember martel much earlier

The wonderful aspect of Geni is in helping us re learn (or learn the first time) the History we never studied -- or were as interested in -- before.

And that is not age dependent. :)

I'm not sure everyone knows the difference between historiography and history.

In a nutshell, history is what happened and historiography is how you interpret the sources to study what happened.

At the risk of over-simplifying, but remembering that not many people are interested in this stuff, some of the significant schools of thought have been :

Traditional - Look at the sources and write down what they say.

Marxism - Everything is driven by the invisible hand of economic structures. You have to look beyond the sources to explain how people's lives were shaped by their economic relationships.

Annales - The sources were created by people in power so they leave out a lot of good stuff. There are many important categories driving our culture, not just economics. No single category can explain history. You have to go behind the sources to see the life of the average person.

Structuralism, Post-modernism, etc. - All those categories are subjective. What matters is the categories we create because that's what tells us what is supposed to be important.

We didn't do Vietnam or Civil Rights in my high school history. Any teacher who tried would have been sacked, I think. We stayed on safe ground -- broad sweep of Western History and a lot of local, Colorado history, provided it didn't get too controversial about White and Indian atrocities, and provided no one mentioned the days when the KKK controlled Denver city government ;)

yes erica that is a wonderfull aspect of geni. And justin for a while I lived on a small town near perry so we ran into that same road block anything related to Passamaquoddy indian culture esp white atrocites as you mentioned was a taboo subject.

Ya, when I was in school, I am more then likely in Justin's age bracket, wee mostly did basic American History and World History. Viet Nam wasn't really talked about as I got out of school in 1964. It was going on but still sort of hush hush. I had many class mates that went over there and one was killed. My x husband's brother was there with the Navy several times. Bruce never got there, as he was on the USS Albany and David Eisenhower was on his ship. They weren't sending the President's son in law and x pres. son into Nam, for sure. But I knew a lot of guys who went there, as I was a G.S.O. girl. Domestic version of the U.S.O. and we were all Navy for the most part. Located at the old Army Navy YMCA in Charletown, Ma. right near the Navy yard. As far as race relations. They really didn't go into it back then. In fact back then they taught us there were only three races, Caucasian, Mongoloid, and Neigrod ,sorry for spelling . They considered Indians. Americans Mongoloid. I had an argument with a teacher over that. They skipped a whole section of history so they could get into WW2. We had short classes because we were so large a class and the school was breaming with too many students plus we added the jr high to us because in my senior year a student burned the jr high down, then the Vet's school and tried to burn the high School down. Rough year.

Well, as said, the radical teacher's union did a coup d'état on the NYC public schools in my day, so if there was a deviation from the state mandated curriculum (we had to pass those tests every year and also prepare for the SAT's) it would have been Marxist slant. So yes, pre Annandale -- however the "radical" politics very much applied to current events and with no fears of reprisal, as those battles had been won some years before.

Anyway I majored in "boys" in high school so it's all ancient Greek to me.


Sorry - Pre Annales. As you can see, it's another vocabulary item for me.

Martin. I'd love to read it but I can not find a translation button. Oh,well.

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