Genealogy Resources on Geni

Geni's vision is to empower our users to create the world's single family tree. We provide a number of collaborative and social resources that help simplify the process of researching genealogy and finding new branches of your family tree. Here is a brief overview of our genealogy resources:

The World Family Tree

Of the over 260 million profiles that Geni users have created, more than 190 million of them are connected together in Geni's World Family Tree, also referred to as the Big Tree by many users. Many new Geni users aspire to build their family tree and find their connection to the Big Tree.

Information about the World Family Tree

Genealogy Discussions

Geni users are very active in discussions, where topics range from collaboration to help for beginners. A wealth of genealogy knowledge is shared in the discussions, and this is a great place for new users to get a feel for what Geni can offer.

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Genealogy Projects

Our Projects feature provides a workspace for genealogists with similar interests to collaborate, share learnings, and discuss challenges and discoveries. Projects can exist for specific lineages, surnames, broad interests, and much more.

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Surname pages allow users to quickly discover profiles, document, projects, or discussions where that surname is tagged. Surname pages are crowd-sourced, so every Geni member can contribute to the "About" text for any given surname.

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Popular Genealogy Profiles

Of the millions of profiles on Geni, our popular profile list makes it easy to discover some of the most notable figures in Geni's massive genealogy database. From historical figures of centuries ago to names that you'll see on the evening news, this is a valuable list for beginners in genealogy.

The Geni Blog

Our frequently updated blog is a portal for learning about new features on Geni, discovering interesting profiles and projects, and getting to know notable members of the Geni community. Follow the blog by subscribing via RSS, liking Geni on Facebook, or following Geni on

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