Landrade of Austrasia - Landrade d'Austrasie ?=? Landrade of Brabant

Started by FARKAS Mihály László on Sunday, May 24, 2015
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5/24/2015 at 3:00 AM

*Father Charles Martel, King of the Franks b. 690, d. 22 Oct 741
*Mother Chrotroud of Treves b. c 690, d. 725
- Landrade of Brabant married Sigramine, Count of Hasbania, son of Lambert of Hesbaye.

*Her siblings: as
#1) Herself
#2) Karloman, Mayor of the Palace+1 d. 754
#3) Auda Martel+
#4) Pepin III 'the Short', Duke of Burgundy, Neustria, & Provence, King of the Franks+1 b. 714, d. 24 Sep 768
*She had two halfsiblings too.

5/24/2015 at 3:22 AM

Other sources:
Charles Martel married twice:
His first wife was Rotrude of Treves, daughter of Leudwinus, Count of Treves (died 724). They had the following children:
• Hiltrud (d. 754), married Odilo I, Duke of Bavaria
• Carloman
• Landrade (Landres), married Sigrand, Count of Hesbania.
• Auda, Aldana, or Alane, married Thierry IV, Count of Autun and Toulouse.
• Pepin the Short
His second wife was Swanhild. They had the following child:
• Grifo
Charles Martel also had a mistress, Ruodhaid. They had the following children:
• Bernard (b. before 732–787)
• Hieronymus
• Remigius, archbishop of Rouen (d. 771)[
Charles "Martel" & his [first/second wife/mistress] had two possible children:
4. [LANDRADA . Settipani quotes an Aquitaine necrology which lists "Willelmus…pater eius Theodericus, mater Aldana soror Hiltrudis et Landradæ"[221]. He suggests that "Hiltrudis" was the wife of Odilo Duke of Bavaria, and therefore that all three sisters were daughters of Charles "Martel". The theory is attractive but not conclusive, as its validity depends on there being no other contemporary Hiltrudis, which is not provable. If it is correct, there is no indication about the mother of Landrada and Aldana. Hlawitschka highlights the case against the affiliation[222]. However, the evidence of the 25 May 765 charter, quoted below, suggests that Settipani’s hypothesis may be correct.] same person as …? LANDRADA . The Gesta Episcoporum Mettensis names "Chrodegangus antistes…ex pago Hasbaniensi oriundus, patre Sigramno, matre Landrada, Francorum ex genere primæ nobilitatis progenitus" as Bishop of Metz[223]. The co-identity between Landrada, wife of Sigramnus, and Landrada, supposed daughter of Charles "Martel" is suggested by the charter dated 25 May 765 under which "Grodegangus…archiepiscopus" [son of Sigramnus and Landrada] donated property "in pago Wormacensi…[et] in villa Dagosbesher…in Hostoven, Burdus, in villa Flamersheim ecclesiam" to Gorze, with the consent of "Pipini…Francorum regis, avunculi mei"[224]. mSIGRAMNUS, son of ---.

5/24/2015 at 9:58 AM

Mihály, I wouldn't mind adding Landrade back as a daughter of Charles Martel. That's what Geni used to show before someone changed it. We should make a note in her profile that the connection is possible but not proven.

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