Nazi Book Bans/Burns

Started by Private User on Saturday, October 31, 2015
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Randy Schoenberg found this very helpful website/list for us:

I added in all the profiles I could find on Geni, which was a majority of them. I only left out people like Marc Chagall, who wasn't a banned author himself; monographs /about/ him were banned. (Side note: we eventually need a Banned Artists umbrella project with subprojects for artists, filmmakers, etc., which I'll get to when satisfied here.)

My next step is to put together a simple list of missing profiles, which I'll list here. We'll need German and European Jewish specialists to help us build a majority of the missing profiles.

Here we go:

==In Project==

* Sholem Asch
* Hedwig (Vicki) Lert - Preis
* Bertolt Brecht
* Max Brod
* Richard Nikolaus, Graf von Coudenhove-Kalergi
* John Rodrigo Dos Passos, Jr.
* Theodore Dreiser
* Friedrich Engels
* Lion Feuchtwanger
* Dr. Sigmund Freud
* Ernest Hemingway
* Dr Rudolf Hilferding
* Karl Johann Kautsky
* Helen Keller
* Alfred Kerr
* Ferdinand Johann Gottlieb Lassalle
* Vladimir Lenin
* Jack London
* Dr. phil. Emil Ludwig
* Rosa Luxemburg
* Heinrich Mann
* Klaus Heinrich Thomas Mann
* Thomas Mann, Nobel Prize in Literature, 1929
* Karl Marx
* Prof. Dr. Franz Oppenheimer
* Erich Maria Remarque
* Dr. Phil. Netty (Anna) (Anna Seghers) Radvanyi
* Upton Sinclair
* Joseph Stalin
* Ernst Toller
* Leon Trotsky
* Kurt Tucholsky
* Sigrid Undset, Nobel Prize in Literature, 1928
* Jakob Wassermann
* Herbert George "H.G." Wells
* Franz Viktor Werfel
* Theodor Wolff
* Arnold Zweig
* Dr. phil. Stefan Zweig


* Henri Barbusse
* August Bebel
* Georg Bernhard -- publisher
* Louis Fischer
* Friedrich Wilhelm Förster
* Ernst Glaeser
* Georg Grosz
* Werner Hegemann
* Morris Hillquit (Moses Hilkowitz)
* Erich Kästner
* Benjamin Barr Lindsey
* Ludwig Meidner -- also banned for his art
* Carl von Ossietzky -- Nobel Peace Prize recipient; should be a priority
* Kurt Pinthus
* Walter Rathenau
* John Reed


* Otto Dix -- artist
* Georg Grosz -- artist
* Paul Klee -- artist

Mien kompft while we are on authors?

"Mein kampf", did you suggest?

yeah sorry spelled it wrong.. adolf as horrible and wrong as he was was a author on the banned books list..

Private and Private User, yes, Adolf Hitler is already in the project.

What about this decent nun, saint and teacher ?
Edith Stein did write religious texts

Saint Edith Stein

Private User, I can't find anything saying that her writings were ever banned. Do you have a source for that?

Randy found and added Walther Rathenau -- thanks!

About Edith Stein, cited from her geni page: "In 1922, Stein, an agnostic, converted to Catholicism, purportedly after reading a biography of the 16th-century Carmelite mystic St. Teresa of Avila. ....Stein taught at a Catholic school until 1933, when the Nazis banned her, and all others of Jewish parentage, from holding public posts. It was then that she joined the Carmelite order in Cologne." So she became, among other jewish teachers and intellectuals, "Berufsverbot", i.e. she was forbidden to work as a teacher. Her thoughts and ideas were thus banned. It may be that her written texts were not burned.

Thanks for sharing that, Håkon. That is not what is considered a banned book/author, however. Perhaps we can find a better project for her, one about more general censorship or oppression, or about anti-Semitism.

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