Please do NOT merge unsourced duplicates into the MEDIEVAL tree

Started by Sharon Doubell on Friday, July 29, 2016
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I don't do links. I never can get them to work and besides it's me that put them in.

The problem is it connects with three lines Gilman, Fernald and Trefethen. There's more then one line involved.The Trefethen line is a ok .

I'm not sure how you want us to help without giving us links. Are these medieval profiles you were creating?

I can't give you links cause I can't do it without going to the library and getting one of crabs there to help. I only have once been able to make it work and that was years ago and now I don't even remember how to do it I really didn't think any would help[. I just wanted people to be aware the situation was out there by accident. Then if someone came across it they could fix it. Next time I will leave it to fate . PS ,Sharon, someone did contact me, asked for names and has started to try to fix.

PS Sharon, I didn't perticully ask anyone to fix it. I stated I didn't know how to fix it. I may have eluted I could use some help but I never actually asked for it. IN FACT I FIGURED MORE THEN LIKELY SOMEONE WOULD AGAIN SEND ME DIRECTION ON HOW TO DO IT AND I COULD AGAIN TRY. more THEN LIKELY UNSUCESSFULLY. check I DON'T EVEN CUT AND PAST.I am lucky I can enter things on here. You keep changing thing and then I have to fugure it all out again and do it over and over until I remember where to click ete. I don't zoom in like the rest over you. I have to repeat and repeat entil it's embedded in my brain. Works for me.

This is a Discussion for posting Medieval duplicates to. Please keep it for that. Thanks. Good luck with the tree merge.

Thanks Piet - I've sorted those two.

Well I just wanted you to be awarw and you didn't specfry but don't worry about it it all seems to be missing now. So I will again have to spend hours of reentering and the heck with all of youy. I was just trying to make you aware. I will have to pony up enough money to join Ancestry and build my tree again there. This is sad the attitude one sometimes get. I am a little upset. So long , Iyou can have you discussion back .I should know better after all these years ,to try and be useful.

Siegfried I, count of Luxembourg

I think you can remove the zombie connected to this profile

Wigfried von Bayern


Strange profile, we have to check this

Sophie - Zsófia van Loon queen consort of Hungary is sourced. I'll leave her for now/

Piet Roestenburg I think we're getting our wires crossed here.
Add the links to the Duplicate profiles here, not the originals.

i will try to get the duplicates.

Burchard I von Zollern, Graf

There is a conflict of parents with this profile, has to be sorted out,

Wichburg de Verdun von Bayern, Pfalzgräfin von Bayern

Assign the right parents athis moment he has tree parents.

over 700 people managing this profile!!

Remember that this Discussion is for UNSOURCED DUPLICATES to be added to, before they get merged into the tree.

Why can't you just lock the profiles that should not be changed?

Good question Private User... I've been mulling over whether we should talk about reverting to that as the solution.

1. It's a huge endeavour to find Curators to service that many profiles, because, of course, it doesn't prevent duplicates being made at a dozen a day; it just prevents them being merged in - so now that Curator has to come and sort the duplicate out, every time one is made. That's a lot of work to keep doing year in and out after your paid day job - The hundredth time you've merged in an unsourced duplicate for Charlemagne (and checked that the parents, siblings, marriages etc all match - & fixed the tree conflicts where they don't - often involving research to check details), you start to lose your sense of humour :-) or your interest in maintaining that part of the tree. Fewer and fewer curators are prepared to keep doing this. It's pretty thankless.

2. Before power mergers, leaving the profile unlocked, or just locking known fields was the way to go, because then ordinary managers could still help complete the merges, and follow through on any tree conflicts; but now that there are people who can create 20 tree conflicts in one power merging session on Geni - and who aren't stopping to fix the conflicts as they create them, we simple can't keep up. Which means errors compound upon errors.
So it's a bit of a 'damned if you do & damned if you don't' situation.

This is an attempt to stem the tide by catching the unsourced duplicates BEFORE they're grabbed by power mergers and merged into the world tree (because that initiates a chain of merges on the rest of the unsourced duplicate tree - each with the potential for a new set of tree conflicts.)

What I'm doing right now is first cutting that profile's relationship ties so it doesn't bring a whole new tree with it, and then merging it in. This only applies to the historical tree, where duplicate lines don't bring new information, and often disrupt the accurate info we have already have.

So, the short answer is: Locking would mean the entire Medieval Tree would have to be Curated by a couple of people dedicated to merging in the same old duplicates day in and out. We don't have enough people.

Geni is reluctant to stop new users adding profiles to the Historical (pre 1500) Tree, although that would keep it as something we and the managers could then perfect, instead of just swimming against the current of merging duplicates into it.

So, the solution we are trying here, is to get as many of the users who are interested in the Medieval tree - including the power mergers - to help maintain it.
It isn't obvious to everyday users how much work is created when you make a duplicate for an already existent historical tree. Someone has to merge it in, and research the discrepancies in your tree as they go. And there are many every day. So, the thought is that, if we spread the word and get those users to help us instead, we might have a chance of turning the tide.

(Just call me Moses :-))

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