Please do NOT merge unsourced duplicates into the MEDIEVAL tree

Started by Sharon Doubell on Friday, July 29, 2016
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There is a way to move a profile. I did it once but I can't remember exactly what I did! It involves using the "move this person" prompt under the "more" heading of the profile you want to move.

Don't move unsourced duplicate profiles - especially not ones in the wrong place. Just cut all their relationships so they can't damage the tree.

Baltasar D. Cruz
Are you asking how to move a profile in General or about moving a profile in the Medieval Tree

If it is in general post your question here if it is in the Medieval Tree please follow Sharon's advice

Thanks Angus. Yes, my answer on this discussion about the medieval tree, is specifically applicable to the medieval tree - where we are definitely trying not to merge in unsourced duplicate trees - at all costs.

Ha! "At all costs?" I do it regularly, though I can feel virtuous today because I've been in the seventeenth century and am safe from your sanctions for the moment. But the family I've been doing has an erroneous medieval ancestry; not fake, I think, but erroneous. I've found a Member of Parliament c.1400 who must be the original of two of them. I don't want to delete the rest, because it may risk losing real people. So I'm going to leave the traditional (mid-nineteenth century) descent with notes on the profiles, and find some way of putting in the real man and his parents alongside them.

Trust the bloody Bodrugans to be involved somewhere in the mess.


no they are not leave them alone please

This is why I put them here! I did not merge Also I would suggest that at lest these 2 be MP'd and locked down - I am not sure if GENI is suggesting a merge on the but I do know the RootsMagic7 think they are similar enough to be one in the same person



Seems to be a whole branch of duplicates - GENI sent me to it instead of the MP's profiles gggrrrrrrrrrr

@Paullus Aemilius Lepidus
Gender: Male
Birth: 100
Immediate Family:
Husband of Rubellia Lepidus (Bassa)
Father of Lucius Aemilius Paullus, Consol
Added by: Romy Knight on October 4, 2014
Managed by: @Romy Knight

Dina Genella- I fixed Elizabeth. Thanks for the catch.

Judith "Judi" Elaine (McKee) Burns, Romy Knight's is an abandoned tree. I've reassigned the profiles, but we're going to have to cut the unsourced medieval duplicates off from the medieval tree by hand.


Showing 91-120 of 7226 posts

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