So all U.S presidents are related daughter of Jan Van Groenewegen, but they also share a common ancestor they're descended from too.

Started by Daniel Cameron Boeggeman Jr on Friday, August 26, 2016
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Number of known ancestors to these above mentioned state leaders.

Nicolae Ceausescu, 0
Saddam Hussein, 2
Ayatollah Khomeini, 4
Muammar Gaddafi, 5
Josif Visarionovič Stalin, 8
Zedong Mao, 22
Vladimir Putin, 44
Angela Merkel, 45
Adolf Hitler, 225

And we got a winner, maybe... as they could have faked (actually did) a lot in his line.

Lol. She's my 15th cousin 8 times removed. I think it's time to run for POTUS, Ulf, you can be my vice president.

It's Christmas! Why bring out lists highlighting "the usual suspects"
Wouldn't we all rather be Bogarts... or Van Salees, for that matter?

In honor of my aunt Metje..
Metje Andries Grevenraet


Did you mean, Humphrey Bogart
so no, he died of cancer in the stomach at age 57, not fun.

Kenneth Gregory,

President Trump also shares an English royal bloodline.
I am related by blood to almost all the US Presidents. President Donald Trump is my 19th cousin once removed. We share an English royal bloodline on Trump's mother's side. Our English royal ancestor is my 19th great grandmother Katherine Swynford Dutchess of Lancaster. Trump is a descendant of Katherine and Joan Beaufort Queen of Scots.

President Trump and I are cousins through my 19th great grandmother Katherine Swynford Dutchess of Lancastor. Katherine Swynfords ancestors include a whole lot of Belgian, Flemish Counts and French royalty. See here:,_Margrave_of_Flanders


The royal families have broken up into two groups, Nationalists and Globalists, relax, it's still the same families.

Of corse two groups of royal bloodlines have world power but with two very different agenda's. Currently the trend is moving towards Nationalists and back to the roots and faith of King David. The blessing God intended for King David's descendants applies best when things don't go way way off course. Then there is no choice but a major shift in power. God of the Old and New Testament is still the supreme King in charge of the human Kings.

John I "Lackland", King of England is an 83rd great grandson of Patriarch Abraham / אברהם אבינו, which means that all the presidents are of Jewish descent. If all Jews come from Abraham, that means that all Jews are related to all the presidents!

All US Presidents from George Washington to Barack Obama are descendants of Alfonso VII the Emperor, King of Castile and Leon. (Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are also descendants of Alfonso VII the Emperor, King of Castile and Leon.)

Apparently... we all are in some fashion~
(I stay clear of the "cousin twice removed, mother's sister stuff" relations bc it is just too bulky)
Mine are all direct: mother to mother to father to mother, to father, yadda yadda.
A giant pain.
It is such a hindrance to try to break awaaaay from the herd to research others'.
Any ideas how to 'divorce' that main lineage & adopt a fresh family? :]


Yes.. This also means ALL Jews are related to millions of European Christian gentiles.

When will the Sephardic Inquisition anusim be allowed to come back to Israel without the Orthdox restrictions on the mother line? It's prophecied in Obediah 1:20 that the Jews of Sephard will once again inhabit Negev. I'm thinking when the security of Israel is badly threatened only then will my Sephardic people get an invitation to help the Ashkenazi defend the Holy Land..?
Wasn't Moses's wife a non-Jew? How are Sephardic Jews who endured the Hollocaust aka Spanish Inquisition able to prove an unborken mother line? My father has a lot of Jewish DNA. In Portugal the Inquisition lasted until the 1800"s and the Sephardic people often married mainly Sephardic families..This needs to be considred for determining who is a Jew and who is not a Jew...

Jennifer, Moses' wife was not a non-Jew, she was a convert. Everyone in the world is realted, as they all come from Adam of Eden. It's just a question how?


Moses's wife was a non-Jew who converted.
Jews don't convert because they are already Jews, so she was not a Jew. According to Orthodox traditions she did not have a maternal Jewish line or a paternal Jewish line either.
Fact: Moses's descendants were considered Jews because of their paternal line. Otherwise, in modern day requirements his wife's maternal line would make Moses's descendants non-Jew's with a convert mother. We all know Moses's descendants were considered Jews by Jews so this rule should be applied today as it did for Moses's descendants.
Sephardic Jews converted to christianity have many unbroken lines of Jewish mother's who were forced to convert. This is proven by Jewish DNA to Israel, recorded history and Jewish Sephardic surnames. Yet Orthodox want to convert these Jews back to what they are. It doesn't make sense, except for political reasons.
Also, Jesus is called King of the Jews in the New Testament Bible. Why was this distinction put in the Bible text when it is the Christians who worship Jesus? It seems that it should have been written, Jesus King of the Christians.. Yet, G_d doesn't lie. As you mentioned, Kings and Presidents and their descendants have Jewish bloodline to King David and Abraham. Millions of Jews are worshiping the King of Jews, their Jewish King, Jesus. We call these Jews, christians.. and our American country was formed by Judeo-Christians.

i have a pathwy to Martin Van Buren but does not include John Lackland or his mother Eleanor d'Aquitaine, Martin Van Buren is my 18th cousin 6 times removed on another pathway

Note: Joe Biden, 46th President of the USA (President Elect Joe Biden) is not related to the profile in this project

I want to know the Haplogroup of President Putin. I want to know if President Putin is related to the princely families of Novogorad and Kiev. "The Russian princely family Poutiatine descends from the Rurikid Prince Ivan ´Poutiaia´ Drutzkoy mentioned in 1423" I discovered, that I have the same halplogroup of Prince Ivan. I'm tracing my DNA and family's known history. I just want to know. I see some family features in Putin, which is a stretch. I know from my paternal DNA, that it originated in Russia. It's strange indeed.

@George Smietana

Why do you not opt in to Family Finder. There are some of us who are trying to match to you and we already know that we match with Rurikid Prince Ivan Poutiaia and more.

That would indicate your willingness to embrace the scientific facts no matter where it takes you.

You sound like you think you know the answer before you see the facts. Russian DNA was not born in Russia. Your family known history may be in for some surprises. Are you ready for this? Just asking.

Daniel Cameron Boeggeman Jr

hi daniel. thanks for this input many moons ago i guess.

interesting, u pointed out two ancestors below:

1) John I "Lackland", King of England
born: 24 December 1166

2) Eleanor d'Aquitaine, Queen Consort of England
born: between 1122 and 1124

however, the consanginuity argument for
daughter of Jan van Groenewegen
born: estimated between 1634 and 1690

and she is the nearest common ancestor to the american presidents i could find here in as the first president:
George Washington, 1st President of the United States
born: 22 February 1732

which is probably more or less just 100 years apart from her (1732-1634).

anyway. if you can find me besides those two examples, then perhaps i can accept your argument above else, even Adam is related to everyone hehehe

my hope that with this project, we can really find out who the daughter really is and her name, happens to also be my 9th great grandmother...


Here are two she missed:

Daughter of Jan van Groenewegen is connected to Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the USA.
Shortest in-law relationship
Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the USA is Daughter of Jan van Groenewegen's fourth cousin 6 times removed's husband's fourth great granddaughter's ex-husband.

Daughter of Jan van Groenewegen

Jan van Groenewegen, "Orang Kaya Hulubalang Raja"
her father

show 20 relatives →

Marla Maples
her daughter

Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the USA
her ex-husband
Consistency Check
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No blood relationship was found.

And the second...
Daughter of Jan van Groenewegen is connected to Barack H. Obama, 44th President of the USA.
Shortest blood relationship
Barack H. Obama, 44th President of the USA is Daughter of Jan van Groenewegen's 13th cousin 16 times removed.

Daughter of Jan van Groenewegen

Jan van Groenewegen, "Orang Kaya Hulubalang Raja"
her father

show 41 relatives →

Dr. Stanley Ann Dunham
her daughter

Barack H. Obama, 44th President of the USA
her son

very interesting

But an interesting ambiguity resulted. The 22nd Amendment only requires that someone not be elected to the Presidency more than twice. Someone who was elected to two terms on his own is still eligible to be Vice President and to rise to the Presidency upon the death, resignation or removal of the President.

just a side track,,, there's still a possibility obama becoming president again...

Like Grover Cleveland? Might confuse the numbering for a lot of folks...

Daughter of Jan van Groenewegen is Grover Cleveland, 22nd and 24th President of the USA's 18th cousin four times removed.

While this only affects 5 U. S. Presidents, there is a URL at

that shows how they are direct descendants of William the Conqueror. Unfortunately, there are about 20 names per screen and about 84 screens of names on this URL. It takes quite some time but you can locate each one. The number to the left of each name is the generation that person belongs to. If you are a blood relation of any one of the hundreds of people listed, you are a cousin to some degree to everyone on this list. If the name is printed in black, what you see is all the data the author had on them. If it is in blue, it's a hyperlink to a profile where lots more data may await you. If you are a direct descendant to someone here, you are directly descended from William the Conqueror and his great, great, great, grandfather Rollo (Norman: Rou, Rollo(u)n; Old Norse: Hrólfr; French: Rollon; c.  860 – c.  930 AD) was a Viking who became the first ruler of Normandy, today a region in northern France. He emerged as the outstanding warrior among the Norsemen who had secured a permanent foothold on Frankish soil in the valley of the lower Seine. After the Siege of Chartres in 911, Charles the Simple, the king of West Francia, granted them lands between the mouth of the Seine and what is now Rouen in exchange for Rollo agreeing to end his brigandage, swearing allegiance to him, religious conversion, and a pledge to defend the Seine's estuary from Viking raiders.

Obama is one of these presidents and is listed twice because there are two ways he's related. I hope this helps people.

Jan van Groenewegen is my 14th cousin 7 times removed.
Jan van Groenewegen, "Orang Kaya Hulubalang Raja" is my 15th cousin 11 times removed.

It seems that John I "Lackland", King of England is my 23rd great grandfather :)

Jan van Groenewegen, "Orang Kaya Hulubalang Raja" is my 16th cousin 6 times removed.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, 67th U.S. Secretary of State is my 21st cousin 8 times removed.

Barack H. Obama, 44th President of the USA is my 23rd cousin once removed.

great to know, you are related to everyone :)

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