ATTENTION Curators, please assist

Started by Mike Stangel on Friday, September 15, 2017
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9/15/2017 at 4:16 PM

This discussion is a continuation of wherin one of your friendly neighborhood Curators suggested we create a discussion as a focal point for users requesting help from Geni's curators (see for more information about curators).

The purpose of this discussion is to enable you to easily post requests for assistance. Posting requests here will get you a much faster response than contacting us privately, as all curators can see this discussion, as well as many other users who can assist as well.

Presently what we can help you with is:
* "killing zombies" - Zombies are historical profiles that are wrongly marked as living, and thus block merges. Please continue posting these requests here:
* Make public – if a historical profile is wrongly marked as private, we can ask the system to check if it should be marked public.
* Complete pending merges between ANY pair of public profiles.

A MAJOR caveat to our work is that we can only help with profiles/trees already connected to the so-called “big-tree” (really a forest) of almost 50 million profiles [UPDATE: now over 116 million!]

If you found a duplicate tree that is NOT yet connected, we can’t help. You’ll have to go the usual root - initiate contact with the manager(s) of the other tree.

We most STRONGLY recommend that you ALWAYS first try and contact the other managers. You WILL get better and faster results that way (we are a last resort).

We also HIGHLY recommend that anyone who is serious about merging in the shared parts of our tree, join the Collaboration Pool. You will find there 500+ people there all wanting to help each other out. Read about it and JOIN here:

While initially we would like to concentrate on cleaning up the shared parts of the historical tree (such as European Royalty), we can and will assist anywhere needed. We will soon also start discussions that are for specific “areas” of the tree, for better focus.

What we can’t and WILL NOT do is:

* Do YOUR work for you. If you see duplicates in a tree, and can stack them, please do so, BEFORE you ask us to complete the merges. Do the maximum that you can. There are 5,000,000 of you users, and only 24 Curators... WE need YOUR help at least as much as you need us. This is a TEAM effort.

* Before you ask us to merge a "stack" of pending merges, do through the stack yourself, and check if all of the profiles belong there. It is NOT too hard, and you'll save everybody a lot of work and grief. You might find the following guide useful:

* Connect new trees to the “big-tree”. If you want to do so, please have the courtesy to explain to the manager(s) of the unconnected tree, what this means and involves. MOST problems in the “big-tree” are due to people being dragged into it, against their will or without anyone explaining what this means.

* MOST importantly - We will NOT force ANY decisions on any one. If you have issues with the other manager(s), please try and work them out first.

Feel free to join the discussion, we'd like to hear your opinions as well.

Thank you,
The Geni Curator Team

9/15/2017 at 4:22 PM

Mike Stangel,

There are a couple of errors in your post:

Before you ask us to merge a "stack" of pending merges, do through the stack yourself, and check if all of the profiles belong there. It is NOT too hard, and you'll save everybody a lot of work and grief.

It should read:

Before you ask us to merge a "stack" of pending merges, go through the stack yourself, and check if all of the profiles belong there. It is NOT too hard, and you'll save everybody a lot of work and grief.

The second error is in the number of Curators.

We are clearly more than 24 at this time.


9/15/2017 at 4:49 PM

Thanks Kevin, I'll make note of this the next time I have to continue the thread. For now, users can see your corrections above. (There are over 200 amazing volunteer curators)

9/15/2017 at 5:04 PM

Mike Stangel,

No problem at all.

9/15/2017 at 8:26 PM

Private User
2 bad merges undone please chech

Private User
9/16/2017 at 12:28 AM

What about the non fixed problems in the old thread, do we have to ask again here?

Private User
9/16/2017 at 6:15 AM
9/16/2017 at 6:40 AM

Private User
Sven Christian Lewenhagen

Private User
9/16/2017 at 6:51 AM
9/17/2017 at 3:15 AM

My second Cousin Geetha Maryano is no more. Funeral arrangements will be announced later.
Her name in full as in Geni "Agnes Jasmine Geetha Maryano--Geetha Joseph"
She passed away on 13th Sep 2017 at Trivandrum and buried the nest day after funeral service at her Parish (Vellayambalam) and buried at their Family grave - Patoor Cemetery

9/17/2017 at 3:28 AM

My second cousin FELIX THOMAS born on 26th Feb 1956, expired at Houston, USA on 6th April 2015 and buried over there. Kindly mention in his profile as deceased.

Thank you


9/17/2017 at 3:50 AM

Aloysius M. Gonsalvez (Aloy) I have reported both as deceased, you should see the change in the next couple of days.

Private User
9/17/2017 at 4:59 AM

Could a Curator, please tidy up the 2 or 3 merges waiting to the left of this profile please

Edward II, king of England

Private User
9/17/2017 at 5:55 AM

Could a curator please complete the many merges for the children and grandchildren of this profile:
Milton Julius Schloss

Thank you!

9/17/2017 at 9:22 AM

Private User

Private User
9/17/2017 at 9:39 AM

Can someone please merge Dinesh P as Lathika Mohan's brother.

Private User


Private User
9/17/2017 at 10:40 AM

Thank you

9/17/2017 at 1:44 PM

This one:
Samuel Prideaux

is the son of two zombies.


9/17/2017 at 1:52 PM

Woodman Mark Lowes Dickinson, OBE,

Got them and the rest of his ancestors as well.

Private User
9/17/2017 at 9:55 PM

Kindly assist by un-merging these individuals.

9/18/2017 at 5:11 AM

Unmerged, Clara. Let us know if there are others surrounding which also need unmerged (vs. just disconnecting). Thanks for the specific link!

Everhardus Petrus Vlok Everhardus Petrus Vlok passed away on 30/08/2017. Can you please change his status to "deceased"

Private User
9/18/2017 at 7:03 AM

Dear Curators

Katharina von Bayern-Straubing

Died having ,had NO Children, in either of her two marriages , Therefore , Maria the Illigitimate child of her husband, could not be "Mother" to her,

I think there has been a little confusion over maria, who had to be Born of another woman.
best Angellina

9/18/2017 at 7:41 AM

Do you have a link to a parent of Maria van Buren-Gelre, if it's not Katharina?

Private User
9/18/2017 at 8:20 AM

With new threads, there must come new merges.

I have a few thread merges and I hope some fine curators can help me out with these:

Jeanne Hamelin (Le Vasseur)

Vital Joly

Pierre André Joly

Margaret E. Shove

Jean II de Clermont, vicomte d'Aulnay

Pierre Paris

Thanks in advance!

Private User
9/18/2017 at 8:29 AM


Please merge the following profiles:

Private User

Private User

Private User

The correct last name should be Goldberg. Thanks!

9/18/2017 at 8:55 AM
9/18/2017 at 9:11 AM
9/18/2017 at 10:30 AM

Private User

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