Need help merging Colonial Americans?

Started by Erica Howton on Saturday, August 11, 2018
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Erica Howton, I need help with this merge for John Cox, Sr. Would you mind finishing this one?


John Cox, Sr.

He should not have any parents, several speculative ones are mentioned in his profile. Locked relationships. Private User

Thanks, Erica Howton. I'm so glad that I asked...

I believe these 2 profiles are the same. Peter Norton and Peter Norton

Private User - merging done.

Please need Edward Morgan, the tailor and his wife Elizabeth Morgan (Jarman)

Hannah Lewis


I can't add they are relationship-locked.

The Hannah Linwood in my opinion was merged in by mistake. I couldn't find a Quaker Friends Marriage nor any marriage for a Hannah Morgan marrying a Linwood man. She should probably be disconnected from these parents when adding in Hannah Lewis (Morgan)

Hannah Lewis (Morgan) had her marriage records and court records showing she was Miriam Martin's (Morgan) sister.

Thank you

Meant to say please add Hannah Lewis Morgan above as Edward Morgan The Tailor and his wife Elizabeth Morgan (Jarman) daughter-

Detached Hannah Linville as daughter of Edward Morgan, the tailor

Added Hannah Lewis as sister of Miriam Martin

Thank you, Erica.

Another family of Friends that needs documenting and a little work. Interesting families

Thank you Erica!!

Please unmerge this mistake I made

think these may have been merged before by mistake? They were two different men -

One married Jane Martin

one was married to Ann Bartram

They even had different first names originally I think

They were actually brothers

Suzan Martin - merge undone.

Please take a look at these stacked merges. The 1st one looks of, the 2nd one is a locked MP that I can't merge, the 3rd one is two "brothers" with the same name, but aren't the same. The next on is ok, but the one after that is a double stack - two "sisters" named Patience (not the same) and a brother who is also named Patience.

Private User - Thanks for your long list of problem profiles. (I mean that in the best of ways.)

Ivory Witt has uncovered a can of worms.

They are not colonial but I didn't know who else to turn to. Dr. Benjamin Franklin Collins

1814 - 1864

Deidamia Collins

1801 - 1882

Find a Grave has her as his mother but she would be 12 or 13 and joined the church at 17 and looks like she married at 21

I could really use help in resolving this merge.

According to the notes on the profile, his mother was Mary Hathcock & his father was not known.
Also, neither option appeared to be correct. Thanks!!!

Howell Pinkney Hathcock, Sr

Private User - fixed.

Thank you, Erica Howton for the assist!

Caution, a Gedcom import is currently in progress on the mother of the user who created this duplicate.

Besides myself, seven people agree on this merge request.

Private User - done for Mary Echols

FYI , was not in my merge center.

Thanks Erica. I'd guess it was probably too recent to show up yet.

I think it circulates to managers before curators.

It was in mine though, for some reason. I unfollowed that one b/c: no kinship, and I can't remember why I followed it to begin with.

Oh, that makes sense.

Showing 4831-4860 of 5192 posts

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