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Started by Craig Andrew Miles on Saturday, September 8, 2018
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9/8/2018 at 12:39 AM

I has this "great" idea whereby even though I am using Geni as my primary tree resource, I thought it would be worth also maintaining a tree on MyHeritage.

So many of the MyHeritage trees are so unreliable I thought that if I built my own MyHeritage tree as the best I could create from the other MyHeritage trees, then I could merge the results into the relevant profiles on Geni and ignore the myriad of other MyHeritage trees from Geni.

Turns out that there are 2 problems with this approach:

1) I cant sort or filter matches on Geni by source (can sort by source on MyHeritage) so I have to wade my way through all of the MyHeritage matches in Geni regardless
2) For some reason, the profiles on Geni hardly ever seem to automatically generate matches with my own MyHeritage tree although matches seem to be happily made with other MyHeritage trees.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the above? Thanks.

9/21/2018 at 11:06 PM

hmmm, I'm surprised that no-one can shed any light into why I dont get matches from Geni to my own MyHeritage tree?

Is this a design feature? Is it a configuration option?

Private User
9/22/2018 at 8:22 AM

Are you naming the folks the same on your Tree on Geni and your Tree on MyHeritage? Is the other information also the same?

Personally, I have absolutely no idea what criteria Geni uses for Smart Matches - basically do not pay any attention to it.
If you were getting no matches - then I would suggest you check that you were allowing Smart Matches to your tree on MyHeritage (I believe you can say no). Possibly check that anyhow, in case there are criteria there that you were not aware were checked/unchecked.

9/23/2018 at 2:18 AM

Private User thanks for responding.

From what I can see I have all options to view and connect into my MyHeritage site enabled so it seems really strange to me that Geni finds matches to "everyone else's" MyHeritage site but mine.

I am using a consistent naming convention across both sites so I would be surprised if that is the issue.

Would you recommend me raising a query with Geni engineers?


Private User
9/23/2018 at 6:05 PM

Since Geni and MyHeritage are separate sites, and you cannot do any merging across them - nor, to the best of my knowledge, can you do any merging between trees on MyHeritage -- cannot think of any plus to creating "the best possible tree" on MyHeritage except to please yourself.
Also - the idea that using other trees on MyHeritage would be a good way to create the "best possible tree" on MyHeritage strikes me as a very weird outlook.
One creates the best possible tree by looking at and using documentation - and Trees are NOT documentation - the only thing they are good for is giving you hints of what to look for - that is, to see if you can find documentation for whatever supposed facts or relationships the tree shows.

Would expect Smart Matches to be a MyHeritage function, and even if is a Geni function -- really do not see it as something I want Geni Engineers prioritizing to focus on - not unless it is felt everything else on Geni is totally optimized.

10/1/2018 at 3:01 PM

Thanks for your response Private User although you do seem to have a bit of a narrow view of MyHeritage.

While Geni and MyHeritage are separate sites, they are owned by the same company. Geni has specific features to link into MyHeritage, ie.Smart Matches, and you CAN merge between MyHeritage and Geni using SmartCopy which clearly many people do.

I also think that when I said "if I built my own MyHeritage tree as the best I could create from the other MyHeritage trees" I am under no illusions that this would be the "the best possible tree" in any kind of global sense.

Use of the term "very weird outlook" seems somewhat overstated in the circumstances dont you think?

When you say "Would expect Smart Matches to be a MyHeritage function, and even if is a Geni function" - clearly, as an integration between the 2 sites it is a function of both! Therefore, being a feature provided by Geni, it is not unreasonable to suggest ways of improving it I think - I dont believe I suggested it as a priority to focus on!

Thanks for your input anyhow.

Private User
10/1/2018 at 6:01 PM

Craig Andrew Miles - You CANNOT MERGE using Smart Copy - the Profiles on MyHeritage are still there as separate entities, unlike when one MERGES profiles but you can copy the info from the MyHeritage Profiles into the ones on Geni -- however, you can also use it to copyinto Geni from Profiles in Trees on Ancestry, FamilySearch, and probably others - not just MyHeritage

10/2/2018 at 12:35 AM


By merging, in the context of between MyHeritage and Geni, I meant copy from one profile to another. Sorry if that is not what you meant, but I really would not expect to remove data from one website when adding to another. So if that is what you meant, yes, you are correct!

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