ATTENTION Curators, please assist

Started by Mike Stangel on Tuesday, July 28, 2020
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This discussion is a continuation of wherein one of your friendly neighborhood Curators suggested we create a discussion as a focal point for users requesting help (see for more information about curators).

When you get stuck or have technical difficulties on Geni, your first port of call should be the help system. Click "Help" at the bottom of any Geni page.

If you have specific issues with a profile, contact the managers of the profile to ask them for help. They will be able to help if for example a profile is private and you would like it made public. If there is concern regarding the accuracy of a profile, you can start a public discussion from the profile to discuss the issues / sources. If the issue relates to a project area, start a discussion in the relevant project. There are various "country portal" projects where you might find it easier to post in your native language if that is not English.

Give people a reasonable time to respond to messages - a week or two is reasonable. Not everyone is online every day.

If you have tried these options and failed, then consider posting a message here to request a friendly Geni volunteer curator to help you.

If you do post here, then please observe the following guidelines:

1. Only post here after you have tried to contact profile managers and given a reasonable time for response - see above.

2. Always post the URL of the profile(s) with problems. If you can't get to the exact profile URL, be specific - e.g. "the partner of [partner's URL]"

3. Do not post here if you want a historical profile that is living marked deceased. There is a separate "zombies" thread for that at

4. Do not post here if you want a profile made into a Master Profile (MP). There is a separate thread for that too, at

5. If the profiles where you want help are closely related to you, say so in the request. Curators can help you more with your family than with other profiles. Do not expect curators to know your family tree.

6. The best issues to post here are technical issues that any curator can resolve. Do not post here issues that require specialist knowledge of particular times or geography such as 16th century England. Those sorts of issues are better handled in specialist discussions.

7. If you would like a curator to help complete a merge, first "stack" the profiles to be merged if the Geni system allows you to do that.

Many requests to curators are asking to merge or make public private profiles. Please be aware that there are limitations on what profiles curators can merge or edit.

Please read before posting such a request.

Above all, be courteous and patient.

I would like this profile Björn Byrdasven made a MP, as it appear to exist Smart Matches suggesting a merge with (already MP) Kongsønn Bjørn Haraldsen Ironside and that is not right. I Imagine that if two profiles are made MP, it will require assistance from a curator to merge them, (or am I wrong?).

None of the linked webpages ever mention Bjorn Byrdasven.

Private User scroll down and read for yourself. One of the link.

Private User Do you want me to translate it for you also, not sure you understand norwegian?

I have a zombie I need merged,
William Graham

I thought there was a second (the Spouse) but the merge seems to have worked anyway.

Some serious time travels here that doesn't function chronologically, plz help fix?

Pierre Doucet has multiple sets of parents. Please REMOVE Marie Pelagie Doucet and her husband Charles (Charlo) Doucet from his tree, as they are not his parents.

Under "Consistency Checker" I have a call for 25 "Siblings with same first name". Looking at them - 90+% are duplication of private profiles. I approached many of the managers of these private profiles, trying to resolve - got 0 ! answers. I think this issue should be resolved in a different more systematic way and not "one by one" way.

Unknown should be made public.

N. A. Aubé

Have you asked the profile manager to make that profile public? That's the first step before posting here - as Mike wrote in the initial post above.

I am wondering if it is possible to delete a duplicated profile of a living (and therefore private) individual that is jointly managed and occupies a position in the middle (rather than on the extremity) of an extensive tree?

Merging would have been better, but the Hungarian manager of the duplicate is a novice and is therefore experiencing difficulties with not only the language, but also the complexities of the Geni merging process. .

I fully appreciate that in order to delete a jointly managed profile, I firstly need to get the approval of the other managers. Once that has been done, is it then possible to delete that duplicated individual without deleting their parents or spouse (who of course are also parents and spouse of the duplicate)?

If so, can I then do the deletion myself (if so how?)
Or,does a curator have to do it for me / us?
If the latter, what has to be done to inform the curator that all managers of the profile to be deleted agree to it?

Regards Roy

Deleting a profile that is not solely managed by yourself is not recommended as it could breach T&C's. Curators can only do it if requested by the sole manager.

If duplicates they can merge or request a curator to merge on their behalf. If language is an issue they can type up their request in their native language and we can get it translated.

Thank you Leanne
I fully expected that would be the case. The lady intended to write to Mike about it, but by now may have also thrown in the towel. The really gauling thing is that whilst I am powerless to do anything, Geni has just chosen to rub salt into the wound by sending me this message.

Home of the World Family Tree

Dear Roy,
We've found a duplicate for a profile you manage, Münczné Pesti Marianne.
View the two profiles to verify that they are the same:

Merging duplicate profiles improves the data on your family tree.


That merge was generated by me, and I sent you a PM asking you to forward it to the other profile manager (as she only reads Hungarian and I only read English). All she needs to do is either
1) click "Yes Merge"
or 2) send me a message that she wants them merged (or to you which you can forward to me)

It is honestly that simple.

Leanne: Since you have the case, and I have told you several times: The only solution is to delete those two profiles. You only need an approval from Roy to disconnect and delete them. Trying to merge is not an option since you need approval from two more users which Roy have not even been able to tell how to approve merges on their own profile.

I need help with: Thomas Norton King

Thomas Norton King is NOT the son of Thomas Lewis Preston King. He has no relationship to this profile. He was added, in error, by Michael John King
, whom I have contacted with no response. His profile says he was last active in 2014.

Is there anyway someone can help with this?


Pretty sure I said no they are not the same and then ended up merging them anyway. Ugh. So sorry. Please unmerge my bad merge. TIA:

TBedwell Done

Linda Zimmerman - Thanks You Very Much!!

Cynthia Curtis, A183502, US7875087 ,
Done, please check.

Need Help with :
Isabella Graham

She has a pair of Zombies that need to be merged with her parents.


Erica Howton it was a nice intervention, but troll user Private recreated for the 3rd time:
Marie Thérèse Charlotte, Reine de France et de Navarre
again clone of:
-Marie Thérèse Charlotte, Reine consort de France et de Navarre
but mother of:
-Unknown Profile (fake unknown child profile line, grandmother's picture)

Portrait of Marie Antoinette, 1755-1793

Good morning,

Could a curator please merge

Ana Duran to Ana Duran and to Ana Duran

Thank you very much

4th attempt:
-M de France

Private User, the user completed the merge.

Felipe González de Otoya De Narváez the three profiles are now all stacked for merging. Ana will have to approve it herself, curators cannot merge profiles belonging to users. Whichever merge she completes will then enable her to complete the other merge.

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