Curators: Please make this profile a Master Profile

Started by Mike Stangel on Friday, August 21, 2020
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See for a description of Master Profiles on Geni.

Before posting here:

1. Try your hardest to connect the profile to the tree (or at least a significant stand-alone tree)

2. Check first to see if there's a specific curator who specializes in your area, to whom you should address your request

3. Make sure the profile overview is well-written with proper grammar, punctuation and source citations.

4. Master Profiles are public, so do not include any information or photographs or other images that you or others might consider to be confidential or private.

5. Consider using the multi-lingual support available on Geni to provide information in different languages where appropriate.

6. Ensure that the text and any pictures in the profile are sourced and do not breach any copyright.

7. Understand that a curated profile is not necessarily a “complete” profile. Geni users should continue to add citations and upload source information to profiles after they become MPs.

In your post:

8. Include the URL of each profile to be curated.

9. Advise if fields (data and relationship) are ready to be locked.

10. Explain why the profile is requested to be made an MP. If for example there are two profiles that are often confused, include the URL of both and state why. Do not assume that curators know your thoughts or are familiar with the context which led to your request for the Master Profile flag.

Thank you

I wish we had like buttons! This is helpful, Mike Stangel.

Private User,

We can't do anything unless you follow the rules at the top of this thread.


Please review and MP this profile:

Eldren Lazelle Floyd

1. It is connected to the Tree and applicable projects. Thank you, Dr. R. Owen Wyant, (PhD) for some additions.

2. As I could not find someone who specifically specialized in US WWII profiles, I am asking Marsha Gail Veazey who does specialize in US early period to present to review, please.

3. Eldren lived to be only 20 years old when he lost his life in the Pacific during WWII. I have included all census and military information citations that I could find.

4. Photos are cited.

5. N/A

6. Test and sources are cited/noted.

7. Understood.

9. I cannot think of any reason for any fields to be locked on this profile.

10. Eldren L. Floyd is a representative of all young men who give their life for their country and who should not be forgotten. Purple Heart recipient, on the USS Twiggs when it went down in the Battle for Okinawa at the close of the War.

Thanks, Susanne

Susanne Floyd, I was happy to make this a master profile. You did a beautiful job with his memorial. The only thing I changed was I removed his rank and unit from the title field and created a new field I called Military Service. It still shows on the front page under the DNA Markers and above the Added by fields. Let me know if there are any other profiles you would like to be MPs. You can contact me directly, if you'd like.

Suzan Martin

All done. Nice work!

Thank you, Jessica, I do have Texas - to send soon :)

Sarah Walton, Parents Unknown

Please also lock the relationships, so erroneous parents don't keep getting added to her profile.

Ruud Gullit
Please turn the profile of this famous and international know Dutch association football player and manager with Surinamese roots into a MP. I do this request also with the blessing of the current manager of the profile.

3rd Great-Aunt Adaline Battle


Done! Sorry, was out of town.

No problem- I'm busy working on Texas Clan now- didn't notice TY

Private User Request to make MP sent to profile managers.

(Repost - typos)

Cynthia Curtis, A183502, US7875087

His father’s wife / wives are unknown, so their profiles need work. We need to get that done & I haven’t even looked at the profiles yet to determine the best approach ...

That was in regard to Cynthia Curtis, A183502, US7875087

Haven’t even looked at John MacDowell, II but just based on he has too many names, he needs more work.

I still need Jonas Green and Sarah Walton (Roberts) done, please.

Thanks Private User

Private User

I have not yet MPd Francis Sheldon because there seemed to be a date of birth and information on brothers in the Wikipedia article included in the About but not yet in the profile data or relationships.

Also it mentions his brother Joseph who would appear to be 1675 Sir Joseph Sheldon listed at who it appears should be linked to Sir Joseph Sheldon, Lord Mayor of London

Done Francis Sheldon But there is no birth date only date of immigration to Sweden.

Thanks Private User

I MPd Francis Sheldon


I just spent a couple of hours partially cleaning up a bad case of overmerging.

Specifically, these two people are getting repeatedly confused:

Johan Heinrich Hergeroder
Johannes Herchelroth

One of them is already mastered, but the other probably should be too, to stop this from happening again.

Thanks in advance,

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