George Washington, 1st President of the United States - Alternative mother?

Started by Private User on Saturday, February 27, 2021
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There is a possible 4th child - brother of Dangerfield Lewis

“Lewis of Warner Hall: The History of a Family, Including the Genealogy of ...” Page 159. [ GoogleBooks]

I couldn’t figure out who he was though in the book. Maybe the James Ferrell.

So in the tracking of GW’s sword (actually, he gave 5 of them to his nephews) - found a scabbard in Kentucky.

“ Miss Attaway Casey also has a part of the scabbard of one of Washington's dress swords. The sword itself, which is one of the number that he distributed to his relatives, is in the possession of Capt. H.H. Lewis, of Baltimore. ...”

Unknown Profile Sure, see if she covers descent from Betty Washington.

The sword seller Grace Lee Lewis Mann preferred “the fast life” according to the San Francisco Call in 1901. She died in 1918 and I think without sword. Her first husband divorced her and her second husband had been court martialed from the US Army for covering up his buddy’s affair. Something like that.

Grace’s daughter (the “heiress”) lived in Chicago and I don’t think had a dowry ...

Here’s the “heiress.”

Elizabeth Washington Lewis ‘Betty’ Holmes

Your contributions are always welcome and appreciated, Unknown Profile , so feel free to post anything that might shed more light on the topic.

That was to Cheley, but for some reason it didn't tag properly.

Need a link (URL) for

Then an energetic person should cut - paste the appropriate bio piece to the appropriate profile. Can’t do without citation info.

I already uploaded The Chart.

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