Dymitr Sr., prince of Drutsk - complex conflict

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the right father of MP total locked Dymitr Sr., prince of Drutsk it's without doubts Ольгерд, Великий Князь Литовский [MP total locked] "but"...

.."but" examining the wrong father's tree (Kнязь Василий Михайлович Друцкой)
-there is the probable DUP BRO Kнязь Дмитрий Васильевич Друцкий (Друцкой) (with descent)
-& the probable DUP cousin Князь Дмитрий Семенович Друцкий (with descent)

here now, I'm really far from home..(I'm here detecting them following a usual new just solved duplication conflict over the Byzantine emperors .. my usefulness ends here just only whit this purely "technical report" sorry:)

(C)s Sharon Doubell & Private User I'm sure you know better than me who to entrust it to..
..I also saw USER Private User two years ago trying to take care of the knot *

Private User
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There were two parallel branches of King Algirdas of Lithuania. Now it seems like one branch is part of an isolated tree. Maybe Private User who curates the MP'ed profile may help resolve duplicate conflicts?

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