Edward IV of England - @Edward IV of England is my fourth cousin 17 times removed.

Started by Vanessa Brooks #RM875291C1 on today
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Today at 3:12 AM

Edward IV of England is my fourth cousin 17 times removed.
→ Mamie Lee Brooks (Williams)
your mother → Mamie Perkins-Whitaker (Franklin)
her mother → David Winchester Franklin
her father → Owen (Orren) Franklin, Jr
his father → Owen A. Franklin, Sr., (CSA)
his father → Owen Franklin, Jr
his father → Owen Owen E Franklin, Sr
his father → Lawrence Franklin
his father → John Franklin
his father → Elizabeth Franklin
his mother → Elizabeth Salmon
her mother → Susan Cutt
her mother → John Foote of London
her father → Helen Hall
his mother → Richard Warren (aka Waller), of Bassingbourne
her father → Margaret Legh, of Lyme
his mother → Ellen Legh
her mother → Katherine Savage
her mother → Joan Goushill, Baroness of Stanley
her mother → Elizabeth FitzAlan, Duchess of Norfolk
her mother → Richard FitzAlan, 11th Earl of Arundel
her father → Alice FitzAlan, Countess of Kent
his sister → Alianore (the elder) Holland, Countess of March, Baroness Cherleton
her daughter → Anne de Mortimer, Countess of Cambridge
her daughter → Richard of York, 3rd Duke of York
her son → Edward IV of England
his son

Shortest direct family relationship
Edward IV of England is my third great grandfather's wife's husband's grandfather's wife's 8th great grandfather.
→ Kenneth Curtis Hosea
your father → Zebbie D. Hosea
his father → Nancy Caroline Hosea
his mother → Mariah Grayson
her mother → Dr. Squire Grant Grayson
her father → Mary Ann Erwin
his wife → Samuel Hugh Erwin
her husband → Jane Erwin
his mother → Gavin Witherspoon
her father → Janet Witherspoon
his wife → William Wilson, (Son of Eleazer)
her father → Helen Lascelles
his mother → Frances St Quintin
her mother → Mary Lacy
her mother → Katharine Threlkeld
her mother → Elizabeth Threlkeld
her mother → William Hilton, IV
her father → Lady Sibilla Hilton
his mother → Elizabeth Plantagenet
her mother → Edward IV of England
her father

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