Adalhard, count of Paris - 33rd Great Grandfather.

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Adalhard, count of Paris is my 33rd great grandfather.
→ David Ronald Davis
your father → Elizabeth Jane Davis
his mother → Elsie Vernor Horn
her mother → William Ambrose Redding
her father → William Alfred Redding
his father → Delphia Brown
his mother → William A. Brown
her father → William Brown, of Prince William
his father → William Browne, of Westmoreland
his father → Capt. Originall Browne
his father → Richard Browne of Virginia
his father → Orignall Brown, "the immigrant"
his father → Richard Browne
his father → John Browne
his father → Anne Browne
his mother → Helen Tudor
her mother → Jasper Tudor
her father → Catherine of Valois, Queen consort of England
his mother → Charles VI de Valois, roi de France
her father → Jeanne de Bourbon, reine de France
his mother → Pierre I, duc de Bourbon
her father → Marie d'Avesnes
his mother → Phillipa, countess of Luxembourg
her mother → Henry van Luxemburg, duke of Limburg
her father → Ermesinde II de Namur, countess of Luxembourg
his mother → Henri de Namur, comte de Luxembourg
her father → Ermesinde II, Comtesse de Luxembourg
his mother → Conrad I, Count of Luxembourg
her father → Giselbert of Luxembourg, Count of Salm & Longwy, Count of Luxembourg
his father → Frederick I, count of Moselgau
his father → Siegfried I, count of Luxembourg
his father → Cunigunda, countess of Trèves & Ardennes
his mother → Ermentrude of France
her mother → Adélaïs of Paris
her mother → Adalhard, count of Paris
her father

Adelhard count of Paris is my 31st ggf

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