Lorenzo de' Medici, il Magnifico - Cousins

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Lorenzo de' Medici, il Magnifico is my 16th cousin 14 times removed.
→ David Ronald Davis
your father → Elizabeth Jane Davis
his mother → Elsie Vernor Horn
her mother → William Ambrose Redding
her father → Alfred Redding
his father → Delphia Redding
his mother → Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Brown
her mother → Anne Seale
her mother → John Bristow
her father → Robert Clifton Bristow, of Virginia and London
his father → John Bristow
his father → William Bristow
his father → Avis Bristowe
his mother → Katherine Budd
her mother → Richard Saunders (1452)
her father → Joan Saunders, of Surrey
his mother → Thomas Carew
her father → Nicholas de Carew, MP of Beddington Surrey
his father → Nicholas de Carew, Keeper of the Privy Seal
his father → Sir Thomas Carew
his father → Avice de Carew
his mother → Sir Nicholas Martin
her father → Baron Nicholas Martin
his father → William Martin, Baron of Dartington & Blagdon
his father → William FitzMartin, Lord of Cemais
his father → Lord Robert FitzMartin, Baron of Blagdon
his father → Martyn de Tours, Gen. and 1st Baron of Kemys
his father → Nicholas de Caineis
his father → Robert de Caineis
his father → Berthe de Bourgogne, reine consort de France
his mother → Gerberge of Burgundy
her sister → Matilda of Swabia
her daughter → Beatrice of Lorraine
her daughter → Matilda di Canossa, the Great Countess of Tuscany
her daughter → conte Guido V "Guerra I-II" Guidi
her adopted son → conte Guido VI Guerra II Guidi
his son → principe Guido VII Guerra III Guidi, conte palatino di Toscana
his son → contessa Gualdrada Guidi
his daughter → Alessandro Alberti, conte di Mangona
her son → Nerone Alberti, conte di Mangone
his son → Margherita Alberti, contessa di Mangone e Vernio
his daughter → Albiera Salimbeni
her daughter → Sozzo de'Bardi
her son → Alessandro de'Bardi, conte di Vernio
his son → Lotta de' Bardi, "Contessina"
his daughter → Piero Medici, the Gouty
her son → Lorenzo de' Medici, il Magnifico
his son

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