Halvdan "Den Milde" Eysteinsson, king of Romerike and Vestfold - The Royal Norwegian family and connection to the Viking Kings

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27.6.2022 в 9:42 до полудня

Could someone please show me how the Royal Norwegian family, KIng HaakonV and Quen Maud, was related to the Vking Kings?

27.6.2022 в 11:16 до полудня

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King Harald V is Halvdan's 30th great grandson

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вчера в 6:23 до полудня

Thank you all for the kind help! So Haakon V would be related to Halvdan?

вчера в 3:02 после полудня

No, it is not provable that Haakon V is related to Halvdan "Den Milde" Eysteinsson due to the sources that are so old are written several hundred years after Halvdan lived and are therefore considered to be untrustworthy.

The furthest provable lines into the royal lines of the viking kings of Norway while using only persons living in Norway is Sverre I, King of Norway who was never a son of Sigurd.

If we use ancestry abroad (todays Germany) we can get back to Saint Olaf II, King of Norway via his daughter Ulvhild Olavsdotter and his parents.

It's not possible to get further back in time because of the lack of reliability in the sources. So it is not possible to have a reliable line back to Halvdan Eysteinsson, nor to Harald I "Fairhair", king of Norway

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Сегодня в 2:27 до полудня

Remi Trygve Pedersen

Is this the line?

→ Magnus BILLUNG, Duke of Saxony
her son → Elika (Billung) VON BALLENSTEDT, duchess of Saxony
his daughter → Albrecht I "The Bear", Margrave of Brandenburg
her son → Count Bernard of Anhalt, Duke of Saxony
his son → Albrecht I, Duke of Saxony-Wittenberg
his son → Jutta von Sachsen, Queen Consort of Denmark
his daughter → Queen Ingeborg Eriksdatter AF DANMARK
her daughter → Håkon V Magnusson, king of Norway
her son


Сегодня в 1:22 после полудня

D Bruno, that looks to be correct allthough it's a long time since I checked that out.

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