ATTENTION Curators, please assist

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This is a continuation of the previous discussion topic
ATTENTION Curators, please assist.
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This discussion is a continuation of wherein one of your friendly neighborhood Curators suggested we create a discussion as a focal point for users requesting help (see for more information about curators).

When you get stuck or have technical difficulties on Geni, your first port of call should be the help system. Click "Help" at the bottom of any Geni page.

If you have specific issues with a profile, contact the managers of the profile to ask them for help. They will be able to help if for example a profile is private and you would like it made public. If there is concern regarding the accuracy of a profile, you can start a public discussion from the profile to discuss the issues / sources. If the issue relates to a project area, start a discussion in the relevant project. There are various "country portal" projects where you might find it easier to post in your native language if that is not English.

Give people a reasonable time to respond to messages - a week or two is reasonable. Not everyone is online every day.

If you have tried these options and failed, then consider posting a message here to request a friendly Geni volunteer curator to help you.

If you do post here, then please observe the following guidelines:

1. Only post here after you have tried to contact profile managers and given a reasonable time for response - see above.

2. Always post the URL of the profile(s) with problems. If you can't get to the exact profile URL, be specific - e.g. "the partner of [partner's URL]"

3. Do not post here if you want a historical profile that is living marked deceased. There is a separate "zombies" thread for that at

4. Do not post here if you want a profile made into a Master Profile (MP). There is a separate thread for that too, at

5. If the profiles where you want help are closely related to you, say so in the request. Curators can help you more with your family than with other profiles. Do not expect curators to know your family tree.

6. The best issues to post here are technical issues that any curator can resolve. Do not post here issues that require specialist knowledge of particular times or geography such as 16th century England. Those sorts of issues are better handled in specialist discussions.

7. If you would like a curator to help complete a merge, first "stack" the profiles to be merged if the Geni system allows you to do that.

Many requests to curators are asking to merge or make public private profiles. Please be aware that there are limitations on what profiles curators can merge or edit.

Please read before posting such a request.

Above all, be courteous and patient.

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Thank you, Jim Wile

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Kathleen uploaded a Gecom and then left Geni but has returned and is active.
Her previous profile for herself is now being managed by someone else.
Can a curator reach out to her about merging <private> Simons (Bowen) Private with Kathleen Bowen Simons Kathleen Bowen Simons please?
Carrying over from the previous Discussion in order that it is not missed.
Thank you in advance.

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Cynthia Curtis, A183502, US7875087

There are 3 merge requests, waiting for approval by Kathleen, by yourself and by Stephen Bailey. Curators cannot do it for you.

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