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There seem to be some problems with this entry.
First, the surname of the person in question is "FitzAlan", not "FitzAlan d'Arundel". His father's name was John FitzAlan, and his *title* was "Baron Arundel". Upon John's death the barony passed to his eldest son, also named "John FitzAlan" (1364-1390), thence to his eldest son (also "John FitzAlan", 1385-1421), and so on. To be clear: "Arundel" was the title of the barony, not properly part of their particular surname.,_1st_Baron_Arundel
Second, "Knt" is a non-standard title, and discouraged in usage on Geni (and elsewhere). If indeed he was a knight, he should properly be styled "Sir Richard FitzAlan". Having said that, I can't find any mention of him being knighted in my resources (but it would not surprise me if he had been so). If you have a source for the assertion of a knighthood, please provide it.
Thank you.

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