Nancy Ward, Ghi-ga-u, ‘Beloved Woman of the Cherokees’ - Nancy Ward, Ghi-ga-u, ‘Beloved Woman of the Cherokees’ (by the Curator Update Project)

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Today at 12:00 AM

Good morning,
As part of a current and ongoing curator update project centered on the Cherokee profiles, the profile for Nancy Ward has been updated. We hope you enjoy the new presentation.

The update project has taken a number of steps to reach the primary goal of providing as much primary and secondary evidence as possible to insure the data points shown are supported by evidence. Nancy, as one could guess due to her importance in Cherokee history, is subject to a great deal of myth and fantasy which has been edited out.

Secondly the same sources are used so that consistency issues are minimized which we hope will provide a greater confidence in the platform as a whole as well as individual profiles by eliminating unsourced data, this as opposed to the copy and paste of random sources which have not been vetted as accurate.

The older data from the overview has NOT been deleted, it now resides under the media tab as a document.

As this is a current work in progress, there is much merging to do, review of system recommended matches to analyze and appropriate actions taken on every profile addressed. Followers will see duplicates being made and resolved, merges of existing duplicates made and resolved, in general a tree in constant motion.

Following are a few example profiles that have been redone or added to date, and again, we hope you like the new presentation.
Sequoyah 'George Guess' Gist
Di-Ga-Lo-Hi 'James' "Crazy Chief” Vann
Duwa'li 'John' Bowles, Sr., Principal Chief
Jarrett Bell aka J. D. Bell
Chicken Trotter, Cherokee Captain
Samuel Rasmus Sixkiller
Diana ‘Tiana’ Houston

Today at 1:07 AM

Thank you so much for your detailed work on this important person in history

I note that my (many colored) relationship path has not changed. It still shows through Cherokee people, until a marriage intersects my own tree.

I read that Nancy Ward is estimated to have had 40,000 descendants through her two daughters, so there is no “Ward” who is a direct descendant.

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