Zombies please

Started by Noah Tutak on Friday, May 28, 2010
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As well as a child of his.

There is many Fortie Zombies in that area

I think it is trivial for the administrator of the database to change the status to "dead" for all the people born before 1850 or so.

one more-
Hania Etinge

Sorry for the multiple posts -
Hinda Halevi Katzenellenbogen

We can only post them when we encounter them!

Michael, - that was an unmanaged profile.
I am currently working on that managers remaining unmanaged profiles.


This family is covered in zombies and I'm pretty sure this particular man is set as a father to himself at the moment. If I can zap the zombies, I can begin to make sense of this:
Sir Walter Strickland, MP, of Sizergh

While you're waiting for your zombies to be killed, have a look at these hilarious articles:

I can tell not many of you are gamers who play Resident Evil or other zombie themed games: someone would have mentioned a shotgun by now, if so.

Faith, thanks for the chuckles! : )

Page 8 is done.

Children here:
Mary Catlin

->Faith, my young adult sons had a book How to Kill Zombies. Funny stuff. Thanks for sharing! too funny.

You guys are welcome! :D I chuckle every time I read a post about zombies on here. Just too aptly named!

And thanks for the help with the Strickland family, one and all-- your efforts are not unnoticed! It's just far enough back there to get merged like crazy and yet recent enough to have, you know, accurate information that needs to be maintained. Oh, and far enough back there for me to not as of yet had it on my priority list to fix. :P

Thanks again!

Private User I am running the script on all of the profiles posted, including the ones that you have posted. Keep in mind that the script won't automatically kill every "zombie", it uses an algorithm to try to determine whether it is an actual zombie. Also keep in mind that not every private historical profile is a zombie.

If there are specific ones you'd like me to take a look at again, just post them again and add a note that you've already posted it and you'd like me to take a closer look. I'll spend extra time on those.

Page 9 is done.

Page 10 is done.

Page 11 is done.

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