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Started by Noah Tutak on Friday, May 28, 2010
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Günther and others: The zombie script does not do anything with the management of the profiles, - unmanaged profiles will still be unmanaged, but after been hit by the zombie script they will be available for requesting management. This have to be done to get access to continue merges.

Checked some areas yesterday and became the manager of around 20,000 new profiles, which of course will be available for everyone to merge on.


Thanks for getting it done.


I need the following profile made public, so that I can merge it:

Lady Grizel Stewart, Lady Innes

I need the following profile made public:

Margaret Colquhoun

A question, I am able to edit some of these profiles, should I just go ahead and change the 'Living Status' on each or is someone else going to run scripts to kill these zombies?

Everything up to here is done.

Feel free to update them to deceased, but I'll still run the script because it will correct other profiles in the area.

Angus: The script does also make the profiles public, - family group member access to mark them as deceased does not give you that option.

As stated before: Making profiles public or not is definitely a family group issue. I have a cousin where her minor kids are public profiles after a merge, but she is unable to set them as private because she is not a manager of the profiles, - but that is another discussion ;-)

Nachor .

Noah, the manager of this group of zombies, is a claimed historical profile. Can you release them? Bjorn just got all of his deceased profiles.

Zzzzzombies: Ida Rubin

I just can't get enough:
Deborah Lubliner

tons of zombies here:

Zombies...of course...
Richard Baldwin, III

These have all been run. Günther Kipp that one isn't high enough up in the tree to get killed by this script.


You missed this one: John Greenwood as his wife is already marked as deceased. This is her profile: Hannah Greenwood


Noah Tutak,

The following two profiles need to be made public:

Lady Grizel Stewart, Lady Innes
Margaret Colquhoun


Just a few here:
Winifred Colles

Here is whole hatful of Zombies.
Marie Louise Pothier
Marie-Louise Il Pothier
@marie louise Pothier

A few more Pesty ones
Madeleine Cyr

Not sure where this thread started but I may be considered a zombie because I stopped responding to requests to merge and requests to make changes. For the most part requestors for these actions rarely supplied any source documentation to support the request and since I loaded a fairly large database, I got deluged with requests. I don't know what the answer is but my interests are to build factual histories not to spread empires. How do others control this?

Hi James, no you are not a zombie..lol

Zombies are profiles that shows their living status as 'live' where they should be deceased.

e.g profiles from about 150 years ago..

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