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Started by Noah Tutak on Friday, May 28, 2010
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Angus is correct that you are not a zombie. You raise some valid points, which are actively being discussed in other public discussions. I suggest you look at active public discussions that discuss merging, and post your valid remarks there rather than here. Or start a new discussion of your own. With a lively title such as "Building factual histories vs spreading empires" or a provocative "I have stopped responding to requests to merge", I guarantee that a lively debate will ensue!

that one isn't high enough up - do you mean old enough??

Günther - I think the new anti-zombie script is counting generations as we have suggested once as a method to detect zombies.

Lori Lynn Wilke this tree will need to be connected before the zombie script will work. Right now it just just a three generation island floating by itself.

Mary Strode

I've run the script on all profiles up to here.

Honestly I can't find out what is going on
Try this: Friedrich Wilhelm IV, King of Prussia

@Angus Ralph George Wood-Salomon
I noticed that you included a name in a recent post: Ildonsa Gutierrez
Can you tell me why? I got a request this morning to do a merge on that profile.

This discussion just popped up for me. My "zombies as you call them were in a GEDCOM file which I imported to Geni from a genealogy program. I am new to Geni so still learning it, but it is obvious that it is not ready for prime time. It does not conform to accepted standards As I tried to merge, I changed whatever I caught, but with over 5000 persons, i am sure some slipped by. I think Geni should either not show living or dead status or at least anyone 4 or 5 generations should be shown as dean

PS. I just changed the three persons listed for me.

Eldon, this is unfortunately a problem to many of us. It's very good for all to know you will edit zombies as we find them. Thanks you!

Lori, please put the manager as head of your requests (I posted a suggestion above). That way the manager will get alerted too, like Eldon just did.

Reminder: Collaboration Pool is a great help, not only to merge, but also if you are a manager of many zombies. Check it out here:

I have avoided putting them in groups by manager because I have not wanted to offend anyone or cause hurt feelings. Not that I think they should be offended because we all have our share - myself included.

Lori - run script? you mean you want each profiles family checked? (living status/edit mode and so on?) Or is this posted links for Noah (only) to take care of - I'm so sorry if I have gotten into something I shouldn't have touched!!

Noah is running a script on each of the people posted and it not only fixes the person posted but the family members as well (providing they are far enough back to be assumed deceased). It is really great! It saves a ton of time and is a far better use of our time. The way I have been doing things is to post only one or two from each manager in a certain area of the tree, let Noah run the script, and then repeat as necessary. It avoids bombarding him with people that are otherwise fixed by running other scripts. I appreciate your trying to help!!!

Why are some profiles gray even if they're not living?

@Scott you asked "@Angus Ralph George Wood-Salomon
I noticed that you included a name in a recent post: Ildonsa Gutierrez
Can you tell me why? I got a request this morning to do a merge on that profile.

This profile had four similar profiles, I was able to merge 2 of them , I sent one to you and the last one has a Zombie.

I need someone to fix it.


@ryan - they can be within the "4 generation private zone" - or put private by manager
@lori - sounds like I better leave it to Noah and do my zombiehunts this way instead in the future. thank you!!

@Angus Ralph George Wood-Salomon
I've done all I could for now. I've sent Bernard Raimond Assaf and Larry S. Roach a request to edit the profile and a request to collaborate, along with a message about this profile being a zombie. We'll see if they respond.

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