US Presidents and Vice Presidents Clean-Up

Started by Private User on Tuesday, September 7, 2010
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Took the liberty of adding the Biden family. I'm from Delaware, so I'm well versed in Joe's history.

Fun (irrelevant) side notes:
My Poli-Sci teacher was a speech writer for Joe during his first senate run.

Jill Biden spoke at my girlfriend's graduation from the University of Delaware.

All of the Presidents and VPs now have pictures. I'm slowly going through and trying to add as much family and photos that I can find to each of them. Truth be told, I am focusing more on the lesser known folks. It's easier that way.

Should we also be covering Jefferson Davis and Alexander Stephens?

If not, what other project should be covering them?

Good question. I feel like they might be more in line with the Civil War project.

I've added them to the Civil War project. Whenever they give us the ability to rename a project I'll make it something more generic like "US Civil War leaders".

Here is a list of Famous Descendents of Mayflower passengers that includes about 9 or 10 US Presidents and shows their direct lineage to the Pilgrims.

Mary: That's a really great resource. Thanks :-)

Includes some vice-presidents too.

I found this today, it is looks like a very good resource for first ladies:

Mary I volunteered you for the US Presidents project :)

I worked on Joe Biden's ancestry going back to his 9th-great grandparents. There are some bites here and there to get him into the big tree, but any help would be great.

Scratch that, I totally got him connected. Now I am working on cleaning it up. There are some private profiles in the 1600s. Admins/Curators/Geni gods, please see if you can run some magic script on them.


Post a URL as a start point for the zombie script, if you would be so kind.

Samuel R F Robinett

There ya go, Erica. He has some children who are private as well as a copy of his wife.

I think they're all nicely laid to rest. Some merging to do and making of MP's and adding to Project ... go for it and post back if you need help.

Robert can you make those profiles public? For some reason it isn't giving me the option to change them.

Everything looks public to me. Can you link to the problem profiles?

Also, here is how Joe Biden and Barack Obama:

For some reason the MP icon on Mary Robinett and Samuel R F Robinett hides the public globe icon.

Private User how did you generate a link to the Biden/Obama relationship?

So, suddenly, thanks to a poor match between a photo and a birth date, I have a new interest in this group.

Is there anyone working with Abraham Lincoln's maternal heritage at the moment? I think i might have a long-lost Hanks floating around my Jackson branch...

His name is Jacob Hanks (husband of Mary Jackson Hanks). Supposedly he is the son of William Hanks Jr., Grandson of William Hanks Sr, and GGrandson of Abraham Hanks. I'll have all this verified (or disproved) in a couple days, but wanted to know if anyone with the Great Persistent Rail-Splitter (meant of course with great respect) might have found Jacob in their tree yet. -Ben.

Okay, opening mouth, extracting foot...

Apparently the Hanks family ancestry is under something of a dispute... this might take a few days more than I thought.

Private User :

On any given profile, there is a green push-pin in the upper right-hand corner. If you click that, you can then go through to different profiles, and see how others are related to that profile. To go back to viewing your relation, click the push-pin again.


Do you mean the obscure ancestry of Mary Hanks Lincoln, Presidential Wife? We've opened a Presidential Wives Project here:

And I am extremely interested in this genealogical question, as I have a Kentucky great grandmother Hankins ... as we all know, an alternative name for Hanks.

BTW they are of Quaker origin.

LOL, I didn't know there was a Presidents Wives project too. I added all of the first ladies to the Presidents project a while back.

Ben I added you to the project and I'll add some profiles some Lincoln's maternal side so you can merge those.

Private User

I added you to Presidential Wives as well.

I'm convinced that within a few weeks, every profile will be part of at least 3 projects.

Robert, the push pin is for seeing how two people are related, but how did you get such a short link to that relationship? You always post short links, so I'm curious how you did this.


I really think Projects is taking "documenting" a family tree to a whole other level, never done before.

We are adding participation in historic events to people's lives. This is so far beyond census reports. And how layered and rich that makes a life. It's really creative, and the more Projects we can think of and get going, the better. We're only stopped by our imagination here.

Hi Daniel, Hi Erica:

Appreciate the add on to the project. Of course Nancy is Abe's mom, but if I can help out, I'd be happy to do so...

(Only now just getting settled in front of the computer... it's quite a nice day outside down here in Chile...)

Spend enough time on geni, easy to get the wives and mothers confused.

Oh wait a minute.

That should be, men find it easy to get their wives and mothers confused.

<and the beat goes on ...>

Whaddya mean just men, Erica... din'cha know it's a brave new world out there... might be the women too confusing them... <and the band played on...>

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