USA towns named after people

Started by Randy Stebbing on Wednesday, April 27, 2011
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I added Linus Yale, founder of the Yale lock company, to the project. He needs added to the index.

I would like to know if anyone knows who theese Lucas towns were named after, and co. There is a Lucas town ky, Lucas kansas, Lucas co in Ohio,(somewhere)any town named after a Lucas . would be nice to know who they were named after.

John C. Lucas

Lucas, Ohio looks like it was named after

It doesn't look like Robert Lucas (born 1781) has a profile on geni yet.

I think people forget what the pre revolutionary ......Boston Massachuesettes looked like .....
I can't imagine anyone with a yearning for real freedom wanting to stay there . According to reports Rhode Island was a little bit better . But not much .

Lucasville Ky....who was it named after....or any place named after a Lucas.

I noticed an error from entry on 4/28/2011 stating:
Marshall, Virginia named after Gen. Daniel Morgan, Sr.

Here is what I found on Wikipedia:
Marshall was originally known as "Salem". It became Marshall after a short-lived incorporation. It is named after John Marshall, the former United States Supreme Court Chief Justice who grew up at Oak Hill in nearby Delaplane.

Showing 61-66 of 66 posts

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