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Started by Randy Stebbing on Friday, June 24, 2011
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photo owned by Tamara Tucker Swingle

I removed the profile for John Alden from the project.

Private User Thank you! Is that something I can/should do myself in future, or is it a curator-function? If I can, then HOW? LOL (steep learning curve here on Geni!!!)

photo owned by Tamara Tucker Swingle

I don't think it's a curator function. When you look at the list of profiles in the project, there are about 3 tabs to the right of each profile listed. The bottom one, or third one down, is remove. That removes the profile from the project when you click it.

I hope I described this accurately. Take a look, and if you don't see what I'm talking about, let me know and I'll try again!

Private User Thank you! I see exactly what you mean - my mistake was in looking for a way to remove a profile from the list that shows up in this discussion, rather than going to the project itself. Thank you very much! ;)

Some extra spaces in the wiki markup on the above Catherine Parr profile was messing up the formatting of the profile's "about" section. I just did a quick cleanup pass on the formatting not the content.

Thanks, Randy!

Okay, I'm working on Priscilla (Mullins) Alden, “Mayflower” passenger, wife of John Alden, will have it completed tonight. In the meantime, is it possible to have a curator unlock Elizabeth "Betsy" Griscom for me so that I can clean it up? TIA!

Private User

could you please post a profile ID ? Thanks for working on Priscilla!

Heather (Fachet) Bond

A profile ID for what? Or, I should ask, for whom? Elizabeth Griscom? I tried, but for some reason I can't. I viewed the profile and then came to discussions and the tagging tool didn't work. So I stepped through the process again and it didn't work. So I gave up. But she's over there in the left-most column under "Profiles Mentioned"...

Private User

Thanks- I truthfully didn't know that she was Betsy Ross! Sorry. I unlocked her for you.

Thanks, Heather, I appreciate it, will start on her as soon as I'm done with Priscilla... ;)

Priscilla Mullins Alden Priscilla (Mullins) Alden, “Mayflower” passenger is done, and I've removed her from the Project.

FWIW, there are a huge number of inconsistencies among the profiles of Alden family members when it comes to birth and death dates. Some serious fact-checking needs to be done, but I want to finish the first round of clean-ups before starting on that... I've asked the curator to consider locking the profiles, at least temporarily, til they can all be cleaned-up and sourced. At least that way we'll be able to have a solid starting point before opening them back up...

Betsy Ross is done and has been removed from the Project. It's okay to lock her again, Heather, although I will be coming back to her to add some sources soon. I'll message you then... Thanks for your help! Heather (Fachet) Bond

William Leete, Colonial Governor of New Haven and Connecticut , a colonial Connecticut Governor, was cleaned up by Ben Angel and me and is now removed from this project

Excellent job on our shared X great grandfather, William Leete Randy Stebbing

photo owned by Tamara Tucker Swingle

I've worked on the Fitzhugh Lee profile, but am stuck on his children. There are duplicates of names, but I don't know if they're actual children or the same children. Also, some of the profiles I need to compare are private.

Gen. Robert E. Lee, CSA is cleaned up and conflicts cleared. There is SO much information on him out there, that I think his profile will continue to be changed. Some of what has been removed were personal thoughts on him, the war and his family...not appropriate for this venue, to say the least! Do we want to lock him down? Private User is the curator.

Profile removed from the project.

One thought when you run across personal observations on an ancestor in a profile is to copy it off and load separately as an attached text document. That way the writing is not lost, just not so prominent.

HA...this needed to be removed!!! It was a dissertation on why first cousins shouldn't marry!

That could be a geni project. Example profiles of inbreeding. <slaps self>

I did save some interesting info to documents....

Just for the giggles (no idea who wrote this): Ah, how the family tree branches (and sometimes how those branches don't spread out as far from the tree as they SHOULD!) Thank goodness such things don't happen much these days. Most states have enacted laws prohibiting the marriage of direct blood relations to one another. I think this is good. When you think about it, if you go back in a tree far enough, WE ARE ALL RELATED to each other anyway. So, no reason to be gross about it and go out of your way to "keep it in the family" when choosing a spouse, right?

OMG. Can't. Stop. Laughing. Anita M. Boynton, if you do nothing else this entire month, removing that little dissertation was enough!

I REALLY can't stop laughing! It sounds so much like it was written by a character in one of my favorite series, Joan Hess's Maggody mysteries. There's a very self-righteous uptight minister's wife who makes that kind of pronouncement, never realizing how much it reveals about her "gross" interior world! /grin

I had a personal reason to remove it, as my great grandparents were first cousins!

And, going back through that same family, the same names keep coming up as spouses in almost every generation back to my 6th ggrandfather! No wonder my family is a mess!!!!

Maj. General James Ewell Brown "Jeb" Stuart (CSA) Clean and green.... someone want to lock it down?

Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. is done and removed from the project.

John Pierpont Morgan, Sr. and George Eastman are both done and removed from the project.

SORRY! I do not believe putting a link to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is cleaning up anything i.e., George Eastman

Anita did a good job on JEB Stuart.

As for General Robert E. Lee. who took out his quotes and other things said about him by many people from all over. These are interesting things, any can read Wikipedia.

If individuals have posted personal and interesting information on a Profile and it is substantiated, LEAVE IT.

Like I said anybody can Wikipedia it.

Thank you

Walter, thanks on JEB Stuart.

Someone else had removed your quotes...I moved them to documents so they can't be played with.

Jeb Stuart's "about me" is locked.

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