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Started by Randy Stebbing on Friday, June 24, 2011
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I'm working on cleaning up the family around Captain Richard More, "Mayflower" Passenger as well as adding source documents (secondary sources so far).

It turns out he has quite an interesting family history as well as being a character himself. He lived long enough to see the beginnings of Salem witch hunts. His genealogy was not truly developed until the 1970s. And in contrast to the very prolific Aldens, his line of descent is small, meaning far less merge issues.

It might be a nice one to work on?
My sixth cousin,

cpt more would be my fifth cousin 15 times removed.

Wow, looks interesting! Will finish Mary Norris Allerton (have been working on her today) and her kids and start on him next. Thanks, Erica, he looks fascinating!

A suggestion:

I spent two years building my tree adding almost 4,000 profiles before I was drafted into the big tree.

Many of the famous American profiles are my mine and have been combined with others.

I added the Images and you will find that in most cases 90% are mine. Added with REAL information and are larger then postage stamp size images.

If you want someone to clean up one of the profiles I originally established with REAL information I would be happy to clean it up.

All you have to do is look at the MEDIA section and you can tell it was originally my PROFILE.

I will not leave you a link to Wikipedia.

All you are doing is destroying my hard work.

Thank you

Walter, perhaps you should look at the revisions list and see who removed your info and then yell at them rather than at a group who is trying to re-establish those messed up profiles.

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Anita M. Boynton

I suspect I'm one of the ones being yelled at, due to my clean-up of the Aldens. I wondered at the time if there was going to be push-back from any of the zillions of their descendants who had merged their files into the MPs. I did my best, under the Curator's direction and with his approval, to clean up the Abouts and stick to the facts. I removed personal commentary.

After much public discussion I reluctantly left the Wiki links. I was dissuaded from appending a note advising those who might not know about the possibility of error in Wiki files. If I remember correctly, it was felt that there's no harm in having them there; most people know that Wiki info is not the most precise; and that if they weren't included there would be umpteen attempts by others to put them in there!

Now it occurs to me that instead of putting Wiki links under the "Sources" heading, it might be better to put them under a "Further Reading" heading...

The bottom line, for me, is that I do my best to be respectful of the profile subjects and all of their descendants as I volunteer my time and skills on behalf of everyone; however, not everyone is always going to like the result. You can't please everyone all the time! Considering that the descendants of the Aldens could possibly number in the MILLIONS by now, I'll be happy if several thousand are happy with what I've done. And it's always possible to ask the Curator to make changes...

jen.. it's not your fault.. as 6th cousin 13 times removed (or so geni claims but like the uknown's of that family i am not sure) of prescilla alden (mullens?) i appricate the fact that you are honoring my ancestor..

Oh, thanks, Michael! I felt honored to be able to do it. I'm Alden descendant, too, even if the relationship is somewhat nebulous. I learned so much about them! Thank you very much for your kind comment!

Edits were recently made by me on George Eastman's profile. Previously it contained 1 complete dump of his Wikipedia article plus, 2 redundant partial Wikipedia snippets of exactly the same info. So his previous "about me" section contained 3 copies of the same info.

geni for better or worse is outgrowing the former "private" tree model and has moved to a single shared tree. For this reason I removed the text "Walter G. Ashworth 6th cousin and a photographer" from his about me section. I am responsible for this edit and meant no offense to you by it.

Thanks for your contributions to geni, they are very much appreciated by me! Eastman's extended family still needs a lot of work but a user named Paul Huber has started with some initially good information that will need to be documented at some point.

wikipedia is somewhat of a double egdged sword i should know i've used it in reports for school work some of it can be good some of it bad and some of it down right ugly

To: Jennifer Lynn Forbes (Young) and all those wanna help folks,

There seems to be a misunderstanding here.

• First I am the 9 th Great Grandson of John Alden, not some distant cousin. I am also the 8th Great Grandson of Captain James Davis who landed here in 1607, thirteen years before Great Grandfather John Alden. If you want cousins, I am Cousin to 27 signers of the Declaration of Independence, 5th Great Nephew to Judge Hodijah Baylies, last Aide de Camp to Gen. George Washington (Baylies family also made the anchor for the USS Constitution), 9th cousin to President George Washington, more relatives that that fought in the Revolution then I count, and the list goes on and on.

• Now I was referring to individuals that clean up a Profile, leave a little paragraph or nothing and a reference to a link to Wikipedia.

• I as I mentioned to you once before Jennifer you did a nice job on John Alden once you added the Mayflower note at the beginning.

• If a PROFILE has my name in the OVERVIEW. It is because it was added long before I was part of the "big tree" and only had to deal with my sad immediate family. I wanted them to know if they had a question who to contact. That still stands today.

• If you out rank me and are a closer relative, by all means do your thing, otherwise have some respect and contact me on what you want to do.

Thank you!

Thanks for the compliment, Walter, that's very kind of you!

I don't understand your reference to someone outranking you, though... I'm genuinely curious as to how closeness of relationship affects anything? Unless, of course, you knew the person being profiled, as I knew my grandparents, for instance. I've never read anything in genealogical conventions indicating that a closer relationship confers historical knowledge nor accuracy.

One of my maternal aunts would have absolutely SUCKED at genealogy work, in spite of being a truly lovely person, and it would have been entirely inappropriate for her to try to use a ranking system to imply that she could do a better job at her parents' profiles than I! She was an excellent musician; I'm tone-deaf. I am, however, very detail-oriented and good at writing and research; she couldn't have researched her own big toe.. So just because she was more closely related to my grandparents than I doesn't mean she should have "ranked" me! Am I missing something?

I did remove the note you had in the Alden profiles stating your relationship to them. I thought about it carefully and decided that if every one of their descendants alive today added a similar note, their profiles would be as long and boring as the begats in the Bible! lol I meant absolutely no offense to you by removing it.

Speak to Mr Bjørn Petter Brox,

It was my understanding from him (the Geni Yoda) that

• Closest relative should be the lead manager

• Or if not available the person who first posted the PROFILE.

That being said, when you learn to speak in a civil tongue I will address you.


Thank you for your response.


Wowie, Walter, I am so sorry for anything I said that could have been interpreted as uncivil! Nothing was meant that way, I assure you. I am always curious to learn new things and I even enjoy an exchange of opinions now and then, as long as everyone is courteous - but I never want to attack anyone! We may disagree about things and may even challenge each other's beliefs but I would hope we could always do it with respect for each other. Please forgive me for not being more clear about my intentions!

Susan B. Anthony is cleaned up and removed from the project.

love the yoda photo too FUNNY!

thanks 15th cousin once removed that is too funny!


Mike Stangel have you aged up that much after all the commotion?
Man, I hardly recognize you.... Glad to see you still love Geni :-)


Wow Walter...you are getting mail dated a month and a half in the future. Nice!!!

And by that comment, I mean....

We ALL are human and can make mistakes. We all have our own opinion of what is important and what isn't. If you feel something important was removed, go to Revisions, find it, copy it and paste it back in to About Me. Simple fix without making enemies, pointing fingers, or calling people uncivil.

Great photo Mike...you DID age a lot during the crash!!!!!

I guess this is now appropriate language?

"One of my maternal aunts would have absolutely SUCKED at genealogy work,"
What will be next F$%&, etc.?

Thank for pointing out he date typo. It has been corrected

Bjørn P. Brox
10/2/2010 at 2:13 PM
"Technically the only difference in being the main manager and a co-manager is who get the Contact Manager messages, so I would not worry not being the primary managers. When people view the images they will clearly see who have contributed to those.

The profile revision history does also show quite clear who is maintaining the profile, so your contributions will in any case be credited you.

As G4 indicates: if a grandchild is an active Geni user I would hand the profile over to him/her regardless if he/she have contributed, - just in respect if the family relationship. In this case there are no active descendants, but you never know if that might change. In any case only the current primary manager can assign another primary manager, and if I remember correctly you cannot use English when contacting him, but you cold make a try, but don'e have any big hope.

The rules of what we earlier called the "management lottery" is quite fair: If the profile(s) already is a result of collaboration between several users and merged, the profile with most managers continues to be the main profile when merged with a new profile. If equal number of managers the manager with the profile with most details (normally the best quality) wins. This have however not been the rule all the time, - it was more random earlier.

The rule on who get listed as Added By is simpler: The manager who added the profile first wins, - fair enough, especially since the others might just have copied his work."

Gene, Volunteer Curator
10/2/2010 at 1:28 PM
"To your point, conceptually I agree with you, those who do more quality work should get more credit....
Practically speaking, being the primary manager gives you no more ability to do anything with a profile than any of the other managers. Down the road though, it is something for Geni to think about, if there's someone "carrying the water" maybe the primary mgr should mean something and have responsibilities. Although those with close living relatives is always going to be a mine field."

Thank you

Love the Yoda Pic Mike! We need the humor every now and then when things start to get so serious and heavy. Take a deep breath and forge on.

Dr William Harvey has been cleaned up and removed. He needs to have his spouse added.

I am obviously very late to this discussion... however I feel I should respond as my work (and that of Jennifer) has been attacked.

Walter: you may have been on geni longer than I have... but NO ONE (and I mean NO ONE) has done more work to clean up the Alden tree here on Geni than I have.

So for the purposes of any Geni ranking system, I outrank you, Walter.

I appreciate the work you have done to document and add media... but do not attack those who are better than you at presentation!

I hope Jennifer will continue to work on cleaning up the Alden line's "About Me"s, as there are still so many that require work.

Also, Walter, this is supposed to be a collaborative environment... if you cannot work with others in a civilized manner... I will use every means at my disposal to block you from the Alden tree.
I like your work... so I'd rather not have to do that, but I will not tolerate someone who would rather attack than help make it better.

You've been warned.

Jason P Herbert

P.S. - For the record, John Alden is my 11th Great Grandfather.

thanks jason! I am sick of all the uncvilized people on here... and jason i am also a alden descendant 6th cousin 13 times removed (or so geni claims but like the uknown's of that family i am not sure) of prescilla alden

James Madison, 4th President of the United States looks like it was cleaned up by others so I'm removing him from the cleanup project.

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