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Started by Randy Stebbing on Friday, June 24, 2011
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William Henry Harrison, Sr., 9th president of the USA has been cleaned up. He previously had 7 redundant data dumps from Wikipedia that used to make up his "about me" section.

I've condensed it down to one summary of Wikipedia's bio, included a different 2nd bio, and left the list of names of his 10 children but deleted all of the other redundant stuff.

Lt. Joseph Rogers, "Mayflower" Passenger is your second cousin 6 times removed's wife's fourth great grandfather.
→ Mom
your mother → Garnett Hancock
her father → Burrell Hancock
his father → Samuel Austin Hancock
his father → Peter S. Hancock
his father → Mary Elizabeth Witt Hancock
his mother → William Witt
her father → Jane Witt
his mother → Laminia Witt
her sister → Joseph Witt
her son → Silas Witt
his son → Susannah Witt
his wife → James Randolph
her father → Capt. Thomas Isham Randolph
his father → jane rogers
his mother → Charles Rogers
her father → Thomas Rogers, I
his father → Lt. Joseph Rogers, "Mayflower" Passenger
his father

I have found myself at a bit of a loose end, genealogically speaking, so thought i would spend some time on this project's profiles.

About of Natalie Portman "Cleaned up" and English Display Name added to avoid display of Hebrew text. File removed from project.

Donald Munro, 1st Chief of Munro cleaned and removed from project.
Requested he be added to Scottish Clans project, might also be a candidate for MP.
Geni death date does not match that on Wiki, which is the only date i could see for him, also death location could be improved. I changed birth location based on father's title and added a few spelling variations for his name.

Not sure how valid the claim in his Occupation field is, Shakespeare was never my forte.

I culled about 70% of Patriot, Heinrich Honus "Henry" Sharp, Sr. the "Immigrant" but what remains needs to be researched to be improved. I have not removed from project.

The About of Philip Mosher only has 65 words in it, i fix a minor formatting issue but no idea really why it was connected to this project. Removed.

Aaron Burr and President William James McKinley are now cleaned up and removed form the project.

Alexander Webb tidied up and removed from project.

Anna Catharina Delamater cleaned About, tidied name fields and merged duplicate tree.

I deleted 99% of the About which was a copy and paste from another website of the history of Clan Scrymgeour but made no specific mention of Walter Scrymgeour at all. I replaced it with a brief note and a link to an appropriate wikipedia page.

The profile could do with some work by an interested researcher.

Walter Scrymgeour of Glasswell removed from project.

Likewise have deleted most of his father's About which results in it being almost empty!

John Scrymgeour of Glassary removed from project

The About of John Scrymgeour of Balbeuchly seems okay to me. It does not match any template but that doesn't seem to justify adding it to this project. I have removed it.

The profile only has one manager (who is an active Geni user) so if would probably be more polite to contact him directly to discusss improvements rather than connecting it to this project.

Sir David Fleming of Biggar and Cumbernauld, knight seems to have already been cleaned? Removed.

Maj. Gen. William Henry Fitzhugh Lee, CSA
Quick tidy, removed duplication. It is basically a copy & paste of wikipedia.
Removed from project

Dr. Jacob Willard cleaned and removed from project.

I deleted a reference to "Heroic Willards of '76..." by Phelps, James Andrew, Published 1917 as i cannot find any reference to Jacob in it.


I don't know who added Dr. of Theology Martin Luther to the project but i cannot remove him.

The About does need to sections that must have been added via merges deleted but it is locked so needs a Curator.

Correction, i can remove him from the project and have done so.

I culled most of George Washington, 1st President of the United States ... i can hear the screaming already!

It was enormously long and then started repeating.

I found a reputable website to quote for a BRIEF over view and also his early family life (which seems very appropriate for a genealogy website) and got rid of the rest.

Lots of links also, and lets be honest what Geni user doesnt know who George Washington is?

Alex, I did some minor cleanup on Martin Luther's "About" section and have deleted him from this project.

Thanks Randy.

The About of Aelia Galla Placidia Augusta is very long and awkward but i am hesitating (yes i know! very unlike me) to cull it due to the number of Curators that seem to have contributed to the profile already, although admittedly several years ago.

From looking at it there seems to be an original Geni section along the lines of Erica's template, then several large sections of Medlands (including relevant references) that mention Aelia have been copied in.

After this there is a comment "Appears to be the English Wikipedia page on Galla Placidia" followed by what does indeed look like a copy and paste of Wikipedia then there are texts from various sources which look to have been added via smerging.

I think that everything below the wikipedia comment could probably be deleted but without having read it all i am hesitating.

Also i think the Medlands quotes while they are fantastic dont work well in the About and should either be removed and saved as text files on Geni or else just replaced with hyperlinks to Medlands (which might have more recent info anyway).

That would reduce the size down to something more comprehensible then maybe just a bit of formatting on what is left and a brief description at the start to give context.

Adelaide of Normandy, countess of Aumale has been cleaned up of all the repetition but still has a big chunk of copy and paste from Medlands which i am not sure to leave in or not.

Thank you for all your work on the tree, William "The Conqueror", King of England is my grandson's 22nd great grandfather and Adelaide of Normandy is his sister.

Lambert II, count of Lens cleaned up, as with his wife i have left a large chunk of Medlands quoted as well as what looks like a copy of Wikipedia.
He has been removed from this project, i was going to add him to the Early Normans project but decided not to as i am not sure he is technically a Norman even tho he married Willaim's sister.

Well for a change i've actually added a profile to the project!
Prompted by Bill's post i thought to have a look at William "the Conqueror", king of England (thanks Bill :). He is locked up tight so needs a Curator to clean him.

Obviously someone has put a lot of effort into him at some stage, although personally i dont agree with huge quotes from wikipedia and medlands, and then an accumulation of random text has been added on by merges.

Juliana Kempton

THE ABOVE IS AN EXAMPLE WHERE: Merges have created numerous multiple events in a profile.
Is the only way to delete the extras in a one-by-one method. If so, it takes a very long time to wait for the screen to refresh.
I am wondering if GENI wants to change the process... to make it faster & also to guard against this in merges... ???

Juliana Kempton
Also: Quite a few of the Massachusetts Colony pilgrims exhibit the same mess...

For the Mass Bay Colonists, this would be my own preferred workflow with current tools:

- if curated, contact curators asking for a "field lock" on the "about" after cleanup.

- If not curated, request MP from that discussion: "my profile is good enough to be MP". Be sure and say "field lock the "about" as we don't do it automatically.

See the project also: Best practices for a Master Profile. I can add an example for a Great Migration arriver if you like.

Erica: Do I understand from your reply that the TIMELINE will lock when the ABOUT is "field locked"?

~• Thanks for your suggestions!

No, timeline does not lock.

Events are shown on the timeline tab, and the fields from the basics tab "shortcut" to it; so nothing on timeline itself is lockable, but birth, death, occupation, burial and the name fields (except AKA) are. The "about" is also field lockable.

Could a Curator please make the changes detailed here https://www.geni.com/images/missing_image.png

to the About of Ragnar 'Lodbrok' Sigurdsson King of Denmark and Norway.

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