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Agnar Ragnarsson

Псевдоним: "Ragnar Ragnarsson"
Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Denmark (Дания)
Смерть: ±850 (21-38)
Uppsala Region, Sweden (Died in battle.)
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын Ragnar "Lodbrok" Sigurdsson и Thora "borgarhjörtr" Herraudsdatter
Брат Eric Ragnarsson
Неполнородный брат Уббы Ragnarssen; Фридлейва Инглинга; N.N. Ragnarsdatter; N.N. Ragnarsdatter; Álöf Ragnarsdóttir и ещё 7

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About Agnar Ragnarsson

A mythical viking warrior, potentially based on a historical person, Agnar is described in the sagas and other earl medieval sources as one of the eldest sons of Ragnar Loðbrók.

Agnar and his brother, Eric, are accomplished warriors famous in their own rite and attack King Eystein of Uppsala that their father has installed in Sweden to rule that land in Ragnar's name. The Swedish cheiftains unite against the brothers, remaining loyal to Ragnar, and the brothers are overcome. Agnar is killed out right while Eric is captured and chooses to die rather than accept defeat.

Their defeat and death triggers a revenge attack on King Eystein by their step-mother Aslaug and her son's Ivar, Sigurd, Bjorn and Hvitserk who slay the king for killing their elder brothers.

Further Reading


  • Date of birth based on father's birth as discussed here and here.
  • Location of birth based on his father, Ragnar, being most commonly referred to as king of Denmark.
  • Date of death based on birth dates of his brothers Ivar, Sigurd, Bjorn and Hvitserk who saga tradition recounts all participate in avenging his death.
  • Location of death based on King Eystein marching from Uppsala to defeat Eric and Agnar.

"Hann átti með Þóru tvá syni. Hét annarr Eiríkr, en annarr Agnarr." "He had two sons with Thora, one called Eirik, the other Agnar."

From The Tale of Ragnar’s Sons (translation by Peter Tunstall, 2005) http://www.germanicmythology.com/FORNALDARSAGAS/ThattrRagnarsSonar....

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Хронология Agnar Ragnarsson

Denmark (Дания)
Возраст 30
Uppsala Region, Sweden