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About Beatrice Aleramici, del Monferrato


Translation from

Béatrix de Monferrato, daughter of William V, the Marquis of Monferrato, and his wife Judith of Babenberg, was born about 1142 [sic: before 1146, birth of first child] and died 1228.

In 1155, according to both the De Allobrogibus libri novem and the Ex vita Margaritæ Albonensis comitissæ, Beatrice was given in marriage to the Dauphin of Viennois and count of Albon, Guigues V. She was styled Dauphin, consort of Viennois and countess consort of Albon, from 1155 to 1162, during this first marriage. Ghigo died in Vizille in 1162 and was buried, next to his father in the Cathedral of Grenoble. Beatrice's mother-in-law, Clemenza known as Margherita , assumed the regency for Beatrice’s daughter, Beatrice, his heir.

Around 1165 Frederick Barbarossa , as confirmed by the Europäische Stammtafeln [11] , Vol. III, chap. 738 (not consulted), he gave Beatrice, who was his first cousin, and widow of Ghigo V, as wife to the Marquis of Finale [12] , Enrico del Vasto known as the One-Eyed or the Valorous. She was styled as Marchioness consort of Finale during this marriage, from circa 1165 to 1185.

Around 1185 , Beatrice was widowed for the second time.

In around 1197, returning from Sicily, the knight-troubadour Raimbaut de Vaqueiras returned to Monferrato and here he met Beatrice, sister of the Marquis Bonifacio who was hosting him and widow of Enrico del Carretto. Falling in love with the woman, he composed several songs for her and began singing in different languages. [14]

Beatrice lived until 1228 and was buried in the Cathedral of Grenoble [13] .


Beatrice gave Ghigo only one daughter [15] [16] :

  1. Beatrice , to whom the title of Delfina was transferred, which she passed on to her son, Andrea Ghigo , from her second husband, Hugh III of Burgundy [3]

Beatrice gave Enrico five children [17] :

  1. Enrico II del Carretto (1165-1231) marquis of Savona [12] ;
  2. Otto († 1228), marquis of Dego and Roccaverano [12] ;
  3. Isabella († 1191)
  4. Ambrose (1170 - 1192), bishop of Savona from 1183 to 1192
  5. Boniface (1172 - 1224), bishop of Savona from 1193 and of Asti from 1215 to 1224.

- .....Nel 1197 circa, di ritorno dalla Sicilia, il cavaliere-trovatore Raimbaut de Vaqueiras ritornò nel Monferrato e qui incontrò Beatrice, sorella del marchese Bonifacio che lo ospitava e vedova di Enrico del Carretto. Innamoratosi della donna, compose per lei diverse canzoni e cominciò a cantare in diverse lingue.[14]

Beatrice visse sino al 1228 e fu sepolta nella Cattedrale di Grenoble[13].

- - ...Alberto, named “Moro”, stayed in Lombardy at Oramala Castle, called “The falcons nest”, in Staffora valley. In 1194, with Piazencia peace treaty, he got Grondola Castle in Lunigiane. He married Beatrice, the daughter of the powerful marquesses of Montferrat, whose beauty was sung by the troubadours of the times. Alberto was a beloved lord, a poetry lover, who hosted in his castle the most famous troubadours from the Oc region who had fled the south of France.


2. [BEATRICE (-bur Notre Dame de Grenoble). Marchese Guglielmo´s supposed daughter Beatrice is shown in many secondary sources but it is possible that she never existed. The wife of Dauphin Guigues [VII] is named Beatrix in secondary sources but the primary source which confirms that this is correct has not yet been identified. Her origin has been the subject of considerable controversy. The Vita Margaritæ Albonensis comitissæ records that the son of Marguerite de Viennois married "Imperatore…consanguineam"[108]. The Aymari Rivalli De Allobrogibus records that "Guigo tertius" married "neptem…primi Federici imperatoris"[109]. Chorier´s Histoire de Dauphiné names her Beatrice, daughter of Guglielmo V Marchese di Monferrato & his wife Judith of Austria, stating that her parentage is confirmed by letters from Emperor Friedrich I, dated 1168, addressed to "Guigoni Dalphino" which refer to her as "filia Guillelmi comitis Montisferrati"[110]. This document has not been found in a search of the MGH compilation of diplomas of Emperor Friedrich. Usseglio suggests that Chorier´s hypothesis is based on a misinterpretation of a charter of Emperor Friedrich II, dated Mar 1238, which is addressed to "Beatricis filiæ quondam Guillelmi Marchionis Montisferrati" (who was the daughter of Guglielmo VI Marchese di Monferrato, and widow of Dauphin André), and confirms privileges granted to Dauphin Guigues [VII] in 1155[111]. According to Europäische Stammtafeln[112], Beatrice married secondly Enrico Marchese di Caretto. However, the only primary source which suggests this second marriage appears to be the late 13th/14th century Vida of the poet Raimbaut de Vaqueiras which describes her as sister of Bonifazio Marchese di Monferrato and states that she married "Enric del Caret "[113]. However, Raimbaut de Vaqueiras himself calls her "filha del marques" in the famous 'Carros', 'Truan, mala guerra', composed in [1200/01], which emphasises her youth[114], which seems to suggest that the Beatrice in question must have been the daughter not sister of Marchese Bonifazio. A marriage with Dauphin Guigues would therefore be chronologically impossible.

m [firstly] ( [1155] ) GUIGUES [VII] Dauphin de Viennois Comte d'Albon, son of GUIGUES [VI] Dauphin de Viennois & his wife Clémence [Marguerite] de Mâcon [Bourgogne-Comt%C3%A9] (-Château de Vizille 29 Jul 1162, bur Notre Dame de Grenoble).

[m secondly ENRICO [I] del Carretto Marchese di Finale "il Guercio", son of BONIFAZIO Marchese del Vasto & his wife Agnès de Vermandois (Clavesana [1115]-Finale 1184).]

-  - - -  - - - - - - - - 

9. daughter . The primary source which confirms her parentage and marriage has not yet been identified.
m (before 22 Aug 1202) Marchese ALBERTO Moro Malaspina, son of Marchese OBIZZO [I] Malaspina & his wife Maria Bianco di Vezzano (-1212).

- - - - - - - - - - 


b) ALBERTO MORO (-1212).
m (before 22 Aug 1202) --- di Monferrato, daughter of GUGLIELMO V "il Vecchio" Marchese di Montferrato & his wife Judith of Austria [Babenberg].

  • i) CARACOSA .
    m Marchese ALBERTO [III] di Gavi, son of ALBERT [II] Marchese di Gavi & his wife --- (-[1269]).

Aleramici (di Montferrato) family

One Guglielmo, fl 925, was father of

Ct Aleramo I di Savona, Marchese di Liguria and Piedmont, sn de Montferrat (954-991), titles confirmed by Emperor Otto I 23.3.967, +991; VII.961 Gerberge of Italy (*945 +986)

  • A1. Oddone I, +before 991; m.Marie N
    • B1. Guglielmo III Marchese di Montferrato, +after 1031
      • C2. Oddone II Marchese di Montferrato (1044-84), +20.11.1084; m.Constanza di Savoia
        • D1. Guglielmo IV Marchese di Montferrato (1084-1100), *ca 1040, +ca 1100; m.Aude/Otta d'Aglie (*ca 1045), dau.of Tibaldo d’Aglie (? Agledo)
          • E1. Rainier II, Marchese di Montferrato (1100-35), *ca 1075, +1135-37; m.1105 Gisela de Bourgogne (*ca 1070 +after 1133)
            • F1. Guglielmo V "il Vecchio", Marchese di Montferrato (1135-88/90), *ca 1110, +1188/91; m.before 28.3.1133 Judith von Babenberg (*ca 1115 +after 18.10.1168)
              • G1. Guglielmo VI "Lungaspada" di Montferrato, Ct of Jaffa and Askalon (1176-77), *ca 1150, +on malaria at Ascalon VI.1177; m. X.1176 Queen Sibylle of Jerusalem (*1150/60, +X.1190)
                • ...
              • G2. Conrad I di Montferrato, Pr of Tyrus (1187-92), Marchese di Montferrat (1190-92), co-King of Jerusalem (1192), +murdered Tyrus 28.4.1192; 1m: 1187 (div before 1190) Theodora Angeline (+after 1195); 2m: 1190/91 Queen Isabelle of Jerusalem (*1169 +V.1206)
                • ...
              • G3. Rainer di Montferrato, *1163, +of poisoning 1182; m.1180 Maria Komnene (*1152 +1182)
              • G4. Bonifacio I, Marchese di Montferrato (1192-1207), King of Thessalonica (1204-07), *1150, battle with Bulgars 4.9.1207; 1m: by 1170 Helene di Busca (+by 1204); 2m: Sofia/Alice di Savoia (+1202); 3m: 1204 Margareta of Hungary (*1175 +after 1223)
                • ...
              • G5. Oddone, Bp of Porto, Cardinal 1227, +1251
              • G6. Federigo, Bp of Alba
              • G7. Agnes; m.Conte Guido Guerra III Guidi (+after 1209)
              • G8. Alasia/Adelaide, *ca 1160, +after 22.7.1202; 1175 Mgve Manfredo II di Saluzzo (*1140 +20/27.2.1215)
              • G9. a daughter, +after 1202; m.Marchese Alberto Moro Malespina (+1212)
              • G10. Beatrice; m.Enrico I del Carretto, Marchese di Savona (+1184)


  1.,_Marquis_of_Montferrat An unidentified daughter, who married Albert, Marquis of Malaspina.
  2. An unidentified daughter, who married Albert, Marquis of Malaspina.
  3. Béatrix de Monferrato married 1) Guigues V d'Albon, Dauphin de Viennois, Comte d'Albon 2) Enrico Guercio, Margrave of Savona cites
    1. [S01362] Isenburg, W. K. Prinz von, Europäische Stammtafeln, Band II, Frank Baron Freytag von Loringhoven, 1975. 136
    2. [S00104] Turton, Lt.Col. W. H., The Plantagenet Ancestry, Baltimore, 1975 177
    3. [S00301] Schwennicke, Detlev (Ed.), ~Europäische Stammtafeln, J.A. Stargardt Verlag, Marburg. 2:200
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