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About Gerberge of Burgundy

Gerberge of Burgundy

  • Daughter of Conrad "the Peaceful", king of Burgundy and Mathilde de France, Reine Consort des Deux-Bourgognes

Project MedLands, SWABIA

GERBERGA (-7 Jul 1018). Herimannus names "filiam Counradi regis Burgundiæ, Gerbirgam" as wife of "Herimannus dux"[206]. The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines names "Rodulfum II et sororem suam Gepam matrem imperatricis Gisile" as children of "Conradus rex Burgundie" and his wife Mathilde[207]. Wipo names "Herimannus dux Alamanniæ [et] Kerbirga filia Chuonradi regis de Burgundia" as the parents of "regis coniunx Gisela"[208]. "Otto…Romanorum imperator augustus" donated property "in villa Stohchusen in pago Locdorp ac comitatu Herimanni comitis" to Kloster Meschede by charter dated 29 Sep 997 by request of "Gerbirge comitisse"[209]. The necrology of Marchtalen records the death "Non Jul" of "Gerbirc ducissa"[210]. No direct record of her first marriage has so far been identified. However, "Otto tercius…Romanorum imperator augustus" granted privileges to Kloster Oedingen founded by "matrona Gerberga…in comitatu Herimanni eius filii" to the monks of the Marienkapelle at Aachen by charter dated 18 May 1000[211], and Thietmar names "Count Hermann son of Gerberga" when recording his dispute with Dietrich Bishop of Münster in 1016[212]. These two references relate to Hermann [II] Graf von Werl. In addition, "Rodulfus et Bernhardus nati in…Werla" are named as brothers of Empress Gisela in the Annalista Saxo, although not specifying that they were her uterine brothers[213]. Married firstly HERMANN [I] Graf von Werl son of [HEINRICH Graf im Lerigau & his wife ---] (-[985/86]). Married secondly ([986]) HERMANN [von Schwaben, son of KONRAD Duke of Swabia & his wife Richlint of Germany (-2/3 May 1003). He was installed in 997 as HERMANN II Duke of Swabia.

Graf Hermann [I] & his wife Gerberge of Burgundy had three children:

  1. HERMANN [II] von Werl (-after 14 Sep [1029]).
  2. RUDOLF von Werl (-after 1040).
  3. BERNHARD von Werl (-after 1027).

Project MedLands, SAXON

Duke Hermann II & his wife Gerberge of Burgundy had five children:

  1. MATHILDE ([988]-20 Jul [1031/32]), bur Worms Cathedral).
  2. GISELA (11 Nov 990[146]-Goslar 16 Feb 1043, bur Speyer Cathedral).
  3. BERCHTOLD (early 992-early 993, bur Marchtal).
  4. BEATRIX (-23 Feb after 1025).
  5. HERMANN (before Oct 995-1 Apr 1012).

Gerberga by Wikipedia

Gerberga of Burgundy (c. 965/966 – 7 July 1018/1019) was a member of the Elder House of Welf. She was married firstly to Herman I, count of Werl and secondly to Herman II, Duke of Swabia.

Gerberga was born in Arles. She was the daughter of King Conrad of Burgundy and his second wife, Matilda, daughter of Louis IV of France and Gerberga of Saxony.[1] Her paternal aunt was Empress Adelaide. Through her mother, she was related to Louis IV of France, Emperor Otto I and Charlemagne.

First marriage

Gerberga married her first husband, Herman I, Count of Werl, c. 978.[3] Herman of Werl died sometime between 985-988. With Herman of Werl, Gerberga had the following children:

  • Herman II, count of Werl (c. 980 – 1025)
  • Rudolf (or Liudolf) of Werl (c. 982/986 – 1044)
  • Bernard I of Werl (c. 983 – 1027)

Second Marriage

Gerberga married Herman II, Duke of Swabia in 988.[5] With Herman of Swabia, Gerberga had several children, including:

  • Matilda of Swabia
  • Gisela, who became Queen consort of Germany then Empress consort of the Holy Roman Empire.
  • Herman III, who succeeded his father in 1003, but died young, in 1012.
  • Berthold (992–993)
  • Beatrice (?) (died after 25 February 1025),who was married to Adalbert of Eppenstein.


In September 997 Otto III donated the estate of Stockhausen to the female monastery at Meschede at Gerberga's intervention.[8] Stockhausen was located in the medieval district of Lochtrop, which was part of the county of Werl. In 997 the county of Werl was ruled by Gerberga's son from her first marriage, Herman II of Werl. The counts of Werl had long-standing connections with this monastery.[9] Herman II's father, Herman I of Werl, was the advocate of Meschede. And one of his ancestors, also called Herman, likewise acted as advocate for Meschede in 913. Meschede may have been founded by Emhilids, one of Herman's ninth-century ancestors.

In May 1000 Otto III issued a diploma taking the female monastery of Oedingen into his protection.[10] The diploma records that Oedingen, which was located in the district of Lochtrop, in the county of Werl, had been founded by Gerberga, with the permission of her son, Herman II of Werl. In 1042 Gerberga's granddaughter, also called Gerberga (she was the daughter of Herman II of Werl), became abbess of Oedingen.


Gerberga died in Nordgau, Bavaria. A necrology entry indicates that she died on 7 July, probably in 1018 or 1019.



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Gerberge of Burgundy's Timeline

Burgundy, France
Werl, Lippe, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland (Germany)
Werl, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland (Germany)
Werl, Arnsberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
September 11, 989
Schwaben, Kelheim, Bayern, Germany
Arnsberg, Arnsberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Swabia, Germany
Obermarchtal, Tübingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany