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Also Known As: "Liutgart of Lorraine-Verdun", "Luitgard de Luxembourg", "Luitgarde of Trier", "van LOTHARINGEN", "of Upper Alsace", "Liutgarde Burgundy DE LUXEMBOURG", "Luitgard Hohenburg of Trier"
Birthplace: Luxembourg
Death: 986 (71-80)
Nordgau, Alsace, France
Immediate Family:

Daughter of Wigerich, Pfalzgraf von Lothringen and Cunigunda, countess of Trèves & Ardennes
Wife of Adalbert, comte de Metz and Eberhard IV, count in Nordgau
Mother of Matfried II, count of Metz; Gerhard, count of Metz; Ermengarde de Metz; Hugo VII "Raucus", count in Nordgau; Hedwig of Nordgau and 1 other
Sister of Frédéric I, de Lorraine; Adalberon, évêque de Metz; Giselbert; Siegbert and Gozelo I von Bidgau, Comte des Ardennes
Half sister of Siegfried I, count of Luxembourg

Occupation: Countess, 910 - 986
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About Luitgarde of Treves


Wichburg of Bavaria (also Wigburg ) († after 980) from the family of Luitpoldinger was the daughter of Duke Eberhard of Bavaria († 940) and his wife Liutgart of Lorraine-Verdun, daughter of Count Palatine Wigerich of Lorraine. Wichburg's brother Wigfried was from 959 to 983 Bishop of Verdun.

In his first marriage Wich castle was a Count Pilgrim of the House of Pilgrimiden married. In second marriage, she married the Bavarian Count Palatine Hartwig I. († June 16, 985). There is no unconditional agreement among the children of this marriage among historians. Presumably it was:

Aribo († 1027)

Eppo (Eberhard, Ebrohard), count in the Isengau

Hartwig , 991-1023 Archbishop of Salzburg

Egilolf (?), Minister

Wichburg ∞ Count Ottwin in Val Pusteria

Adala of Bavaria , ∞ (I) Count Palatine Aribo I. ∞ (II) Count Engelbert III. vom Chiemgau († 1020) ( Sieghardinger )


Prinzessin Kunigunde von Verdun - (src G.KEPEKLIAN - 25 iv 2006

Michel Parisse, dans "Publication de la section historique de l'Institut du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg" tome XCV p 9 à 40, explique les "flous" qui existent à ce niveau ! Cunégonde a eu deux et peut-être même trois époux (Wigeric, Ricuin (dont peu d'historiens admettent une postérité) et Peut-être Nn). Cunégonde aurait eu sept enfants.

Du premier époux ne sont attestés que deux enfants (Adalbéron et Liutgarde) auxquels nous pouvons sans doute ajouter Gozlin (dit frère germain d'Adalbéron). Translation: Of the first husband are attested only two children (Adalberon and Liutgarde) to which we can probably add Gozlin (said first brother of Adalberon)

Trois autres enfants ne sont prouvés que de la même mère (Sigebert, Frédéric, Giselbert), le père n'étant pas défini ! Sigefroid pourrait être le petit fils et non le fils de Cunégonde ? Ou bien il serait issu du troisième mariage non identifié ? Mathilde n'est pas citée par Michel Parisse ? Liutgart de Haute-Lorraine n'est pas citée par Michel Parisse ? J-C de Vaugiraud (Pub.section l'Inst.du G-D de Luxembourg XCV p 9 à 40) 02/05/2008

Pour Georges Poull, sept enfants sont de Cunégonde et Wigéric (Frédéric, Adalbéron, Sigebert, Giselbert, Gozlin, Sigefroi et Liutgarde) ! Mathilde n'est pas citée par Gorges Poull ? J-C de Vaugiraud (G.Poull: La Maison souveraine et ducale de Bar: page 8 à 10) 02/05/2008

EBERHARD [IV] (-[18 Dec 972/973]). The Vita Sancti Deicoli names "primogenitus Heberardus, secundus Hugo, tercio Guntramnus" as the three sons of Hugo[99]. Graf im Nordgau 959/67. "Otto…rex" granted property "Luterhaa" which he received from "filiis Hugonis Heberhardo et Hugone" to Kloster Alanesberg by charter dated 6 Apr 959[100]. "Otto…imperator augustus" confirmed donations of property "de locis Ozenheim, Tetingen…in pago Moiinegouwe in comitatu Eberhardi comitis" by "nobis nepos et equivocus noster Otto dux Sweuorum" to "sancti Petri Ascaffaburg" by charter dated 29 Aug 975[101], although it is not known whether this refers to the same Graf Eberhard.

m ---. The identity of Eberhard´s wife is not known with certainty. She has been identified as Liutgarde, widow of Adalbert Graf [von Metz], daughter of WIGERICH [III] Graf im Bidgau & his wife Cunegondis ---. The only basis for this hypothesis is the charter dated 8 Apr 960 under which "Liutgardis" donated property "in comitatu Nithegowe cui Godefridus comes preesse", which she inherited from "parentibus meis Wigerico et Cunegunda", to St Maximin at Trier "pro remedio…parentum meorum, seniorum quoque meorum Alberti et Everhardi vel filiorum meorum"[102]. Eberhard [IV] Graf im Nordgau appears to have been the only contemporary Count Eberhard who could be identified as Liutgarde´s second husband. The hypothesis is accepted by Poull[103] and Europäische Stammtafeln[104]. Rösch[105] is more cautious, referring to Liutgarde's second husband as "Eberhard" without citing his origin. Wegener[106] assumes that the wording of the 960 charter means that "Alberti et Everhardi" were Liutgard's successive husbands and that both were deceased at the date of the charter, although this is not necessarily the only interpretation of the text. He argues that Liutgarde's second husband could not therefore have been Eberhard [IV] Graf im Nordgau, who died in [972/73], and suggests that he was Eberhard Duke of Bavaria [Liutpoldinger]. However, as the last reference to Duke Eberhard is in 938, this would mean that he was Luitgarde's first husband, which appears unlikely if the order of the names of her two husbands in the charter was chronological. The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines provides some interesting corroboration for Liutgarde's marriage to Graf Eberhard [IV] by recording "comes Hugo de Daburg, pater sancti Leonis pape" as "consobrinus" of "imperator Conradus"[107]. If the origin of Liutgarde's two husbands were as shown here, Hugo [IX] Graf von Egisheim would have been second cousin once removed of Emperor Konrad, the emperor being the great-grandson of Liutgarde by her supposed first marriage, while Hugo would have been her grandson by her second marriage.

Eberhard [IV] & his wife had one child: a) HUGO [VII] "Raucus" ([after 945]-before 986).

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Luitgarde of Treves's Timeline

Metz, Moselle, Grand Est, France
Nordgau, Alsace, (Present France)
Nordgau, Herzogtum Alamannia, Ostenfrankenreich
Age 76
Nordgau, Alsace, France