Torberg Arnesson Giske

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About Torberg Arnesson Giske

Torberg Arnesson, of Giske

  • Parents: Arni Arnmodsson Giske & Tora Thorsteinsdotter
  • Torberg was probably his father's oldest son. In 1025 he became a lover at Møre, where he was succeeded by his son, Øystein
  • Thorberg Arneson was a good and faithful friend of Olav the saint. Hard drill at Stiklestad 1030. Married to Ragnhild, daughter of Erling Skjalgson at Sole. A daughter Thora Thorbergsdtr. was married to King Harald Hardy.
  • Torberg was the son of Arne Arnmodsson at Giske, who belonged to the powerful eagle meeting. Both Torberg and his brothers Kalv, Finn and Arne played prominent roles in Norway in the first half of the 1000s. The father had been King Olav the saint's lover, and Torberg also stood on the king's side. He followed him in exile, and participated in the battle at Stiklestad in 1030, where he was wounded.
  • Torberg Arneson at Giske (worked in the first half of the 1000s) was a Norwegian chieftain and ancestor of the Giskeketen.
  • Torberg Arneson of Giske was a Norwegian ruler and ancestor of Giskeætten.Torberg son of Arne Arnmodsson on Giske, who belonged to the powerful arnmødlingeætten. Both Torberg as his brothers Veal, Finn and Arne played prominent roles in Norway in the first half of 1000's. His father had been King St. Olaf liegeman and also Torberg came to stand on the king's side. He followed him into exile, and participated in the Battle of Stiklestad in 1030, where he was wounded.sson Sola. [1] Daughter Tora was married to King Harald Hardrada. Son Øystein Orre fell at the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066, but through the second son, Ogmund Torbergsson, he was the ancestor of the powerful Giskeætten. Royal House: Giskeætten


  • Married: Ragnhild (Astrid) Erlingsdotter Sola, daughter of Erling Skjalgsson, på Sola and Astrid Tryggvesdatter

Project MedLands Norway Nobility

Torberg & his wife RAGNHILD Erlingsdatter had four children:

  • 1. EYSTEIN Orre (-killed in battle 25 Sep 1066). Morkinskinna names “Eysteinn orri, son of Thorbergr and grandson of Árni”[43]. Morkinskinna records that “Eystein Orri” was killed in battle in England with Harald III King of Norway[44]. Betrothed ([early 1066]) to MARIA, daughter of HARALD III King of Norway & his wife Ielizaveta Jaroslavna (-25 Sep 1066). Morkinskinna records that King Harald had promised “his daughter Máría” to “Eystein Orri” when they returned after their invasion of England in 1066[45].
  • 2. OGMUND Thorbergsson . His name is confirmed by Snorre naming his son "Skopte Ogmundson, a grandson of Thorberg"[46]. m ---. The name of Ogmund´s wife is not known.

Ogmund & his wife had one child:

  • a) SKOPTI Ogmundsson of Giske (-Rome 1103). Snorre names "Skopte Ogmundson, a grandson of Thorberg", when recording that he "dwelt at Giske in Sunmore"[47]. Snorre records that Skopte Ogmundson travelled from Norway with his sons Ogmund, Fin and Thord, that Skopte died in Rome, and that his sons also died during the journey[48]. m GUDRUN, daughter of THORD Folason & his wife ---. Snorre names "Gudrun, a daughter of Thord Folason" as the wife of "Skopte Ogmundson"[49].

Skopti & his wife Gundrun had four children:

  • i) OGMUND (-[1103]). Snorre names (in order) "Ogmund, Fin, Thord and Thora" as children of "Skopte Ogmundson" & his wife[50]. Snorre records that Skopte Ogmundson travelled from Norway with his sons Ogmund, Fin and Thord, that Skopte died in Rome, and that his sons also died during the journey[51].
  • ii) FINN (-[1103]). Snorre names (in order) "Ogmund, Fin, Thord and Thora" as children of "Skopte Ogmundson" & his wife[52]. Snorre records that Skopte Ogmundson travelled from Norway with his sons Ogmund, Fin and Thord, that Skopte died in Rome, and that his sons also died during the journey[53].
  • iii) TORD (-Sicily [1103]). Snorre names (in order) "Ogmund, Fin, Thord and Thora" as children of "Skopte Ogmundson" & his wife[54]. Snorre records that Skopte Ogmundson travelled from Norway with his sons Ogmund, Fin and Thord, that his sons all died during the journey, Tord dying last in Sicily[55].
  • iv) THORA Skoptisdatter Snorre names (in order) "Ogmund, Fin, Thord and Thora" as children of "Skopte Ogmundson" & his wife, specifying that Thora married "Asolf Skulason"[56]. In an earlier Saga, Snorre names "Thora, a daughter of Skopte Ogmundson" as the wife of "Asolf of Reine"[57]. m ASULF Skulesson of Rein, son of SKULI Tostesson & his wife Gudrun Nefsteinsdatter.
  • 3. THORA Thorbergsdotter ([1020/25-). Snorre names "Thora, daughter of Thorberg Arnason" as mother of King Harald's sons Magnus and Olav[58]. Morkinskinna records that King Harald had married “the daughter of Thorbergr Árnason…Thóra”[59]. Her birth date range is estimated on the assumption that her relationship with King Harald started around the time of his accession to the Norwegian throne, corroborated by the fact that her son King Magnus was old enough to have fathered a son before his death in 1069. Mistress: of HARALD III "Hardråde" King of Norway, son of SIGURD Syr King of Ringeringe & his wife Asta Gudbrandsdatter (1015-killed in battle Stamfordbridge 25 Sep 1066). Mistress: of ---. Her other relationship is proved by Snorre recording that her grandson "Hakon…was fostered by Thorer of Steig in Gudbrandsdal, who was a brother of King Magnus by the mother's side"[60], although no indication has so far been found of the identity of Thorer's father. It is assumed that this relationship predated her relationship with King Harald, as it is likely that Thorer would have been older than his half-brother King Magnus to have been chosen as foster-father for his nephew. [m (1066 or after) as his third wife, SVEND II King of Denmark, son of ULF Thrugilson & his wife Estrid [Margrete] Svendsdatter of Denmark ([1020]-Søderup [29] Apr 1074, bur Roskilde Cathedral). According to Brenner[61], Thora Thorbergsdotter is identified with Thora who was the wife ofKing Svend and mother of his son Magnus. Christiansen considers that this identification is farfetched, considering her age at the time of the supposed marriage[62]. There appears to be another chronological problem: the proposed consecration of Thora's son Magnus at Rome is best explained if he was King Svend's oldest son, which would place his birth (and therefore his parents' marriage) in the late 1030s.]
  • 4. JORUNN Thorbergsdotter . Morkinskinna records the marriage of “Jórunn, the daughter of Thorbergr Árnason” and “Úlfr Óspaksson…the marshal”[63]. Snorre names "Jorun, Thorberg's daughter, a sister of Harald's wife Thora" as wife of "Ulf Uspakson…his marshal" and their children "Joan the Strong of Rasvol, and Brigida mother of Sauda-Ulf, who was father of Peter Byrdar-Svein, father of Ulf Fly and Sigrid. Joan the Strong's son was Erlend Himalde, father of Archbishop Eystein and his brothers"[64]. m ULF Ospaksson Stallare (-1066). Descendants in ES II 107.


Great man of the Arnmødling Eight. Parents: Arne Ar (n) Modsson (dead c. 1024) and Tora Torsteinsdatter. Married to Ragnhild Erlingsdatter, daughter of Erling Skjalgsson (died 1027) and Astrid Tryggvesdatter. Brother of Finn Arnesson (c. 1065) and Calf Arnesson (c. 990–1051); father of Tora Torbergsdatter (c. 1025 – after 1066) and Øystein Orre (death 1066; see Eystein Orre, NBL1 , vol. 3); father-in-law of Ulv Uspaksson (cited c. 1037–1066); grandfather of kings Magnus 2 Haraldsson (1049–69) and Olav 3 Haraldsson Kyrre (c. 1050–1093); paternal grandfather of Skofte Ogmundsson ( d. 1103); paternal grandfather ofRagnhild Skaftesdatter (11th century); brother-in-law to Hårek on Tjøtta (c. 965-1036).

Like the other "eagle moths", Torberg Arnesson belonged to the upper tier of the Norwegian coastal aristocracy. In the first half of the 1000s, the genus was centrally located in a network of lineages that covered the entire country from farthest south to farthest north. This network included powerful men such as Erling Skjalgsson, Hårek on Tjøtta and Tore Hund (Tore's sister was married to Torberg's brother, Kalv Arnesson, Tore's brother was married to Erling Skjalgsson's sister, and Torberg's sister was married to Hårek), just to mention some. Furthermore, it is a testimony to Torberg's status that his daughter Tora became King Harald Hardrede's official savior in a lifelong relationship and mother of the later kings Olav Kyrre and Magnus Haraldsson. Harald also arranged for his stallion, Ulv Uspaksson, to be married to Tora's sister Jorunn.

According to Torberg, Torberg must therefore have played an important role in supporting and advising several kings, from Olav Haraldsson to Harald Hardråde. However, we know very little about him, beyond the basic genealogy information. The sagas do not give a clear picture of his political efforts, and no skeletal squares depicting his businesses have been preserved either.

Otherwise, we see that an Icelandic saga (small story) about the bald Stein Skaftesson's rewards with King Olav also draws Torberg and his brothers into the personal gallery. Unlike the older Olav sagas, Snorre has included this story. But it has clear literary features and also a template-like act, and the historical content is unlikely to be particularly large.

It is clear that Torberg, like his brother Finn Arnesson and unlike Kalv Arnesson, remained loyal to Olav Haraldsson, even when after the killing of Erling Skjalgsson, Olav completely lost his grip on the land and had to go into exile 1028. Finn and Torberg Olav followed eastwards, first to Sweden and on to Russia. Both were also involved when Olav tried to win the kingdom back, and they fought on the king's side in the battle of Stiklestad 29 July 1030.

Torberg was wounded in the battle, but no worse than that he could return to the Giske family farm. The sagas mention him neither in connection with Svein Alfivason's government (1030–35) nor the government of Magnus the Good (1035–47). Also, since we do not hear about Torberg in connection with the kingdom of Harald Hardråd (1046–66), however, about the king's relationship with both Calv and Finn, there may be reason to assume that Torberg died not long after 1048, when Harald linked connection to the Torah (and Torberg presumably still lived).

Torberg's son, Øystein Orre, took over Giske after his father. He fought with King Harald at Stamford Bridge (1066), and fell in battle. The sagas say that Øystein was the most generous of all the countrymen and that the king appreciated most.

Source Big Man Torberg Arnesson, by The NORWEGIAN BIOGRAPHICAL LEXICON

History of Giske municipality, Møre og Romsda

  • GISKE is located in Giske municipality, Møre og Romsdal. The location is on the west side of the island of Giske.

This was among the oldest manor houses in Norway. And here the mighty Giske family, also called the Arnung or Arnmødlig family, had its origin. From the 9th century until 1582, an unbroken family line can be followed. The origins of the genus are spanned with legends. The pedigree, Finnvid Funnen, according to Arnungatal, must have been found in an eagle's ear wrapped in silk. Some of the descendants had joints like -arine and -arn in the names, which simply means eagle. The first of this family that a vet lived on Giske was Torberg Arnesson, brother of Kalv Arnesson on Egge and Finn Arnesson on Austrått. They were descendants in the sixth paragraph after Finnvid.

Torberg was married to Astrid, daughter of the powerful brain Erling Skjalgsson at Sola. According to the saga, Torberg was to be both brave and faithful, but not as resourceful and active as his brother Kalv. It had to be someone else who could make the decision and give the order, only then could it be traded. Especially an episode shows this clearly. Astrid was in birth. It was a hard birth, and regular midwifery did not stretch. In her great distress, Astrid would have the help of a priest, but there was no one nearby. In the harbor close by was an Icelandic chieftain, Stein Skaftesson, with his ship. He had a young Icelandic priest as a passenger. People from the chieftain came down and wanted the priest to help the giving woman. The priest was unfamiliar with this and prayed away, but nevertheless willingly told Stein if he helped to help. So it was, they went up and helped. The child, a girl, was released, and the priest baptized her. Stein also gave the child a gold ring. Astrid promised that if Stein ever came in need and danger he would come to her, she would help him. Stein then went to Nidaros to meet King Olav. The king was not always the easiest to sweeten, Stein is reckless, and it came to hostility between them. After that, Stein was held back in Nidaros against his will. But one night he escaped from the bargain just on foot. Eventually he came to Orkdalen. There he killed the king's husband, who refused him lodging. He then took a horse that belonged to the old man, and then traveled on to Møre. To get a ride and lodge, Stein decided to go to the king's representative. One night he came to Giske, and as last visit was not Torberg at home. Astrid welcomed him, and now he demanded that she keep her promise. Stein then told about the enmity with the king, the murder, the horse theft, and the false statements about traveling in the king's errand. King Olav also wanted him to pay for this. Astrid was not afraid of her, she held onto what she had promised. She asked Stein to stay with her, and she took care of him as a dear guest.

Meanwhile, Torberg had heard how Astrid had settled at Giske. As a lover, his duties were clear, he was obliged to imprison the killer Stein. Then he would be taken to the king to get his sentence. Torberg then went home to Giske and told Astrid what he was going to do. But then he got an answer from her, either Stein would have been tempted at Giske, or she came to travel his way and take with him the farm boy, Eystein Orre. Torberg yielded to his wife's strong will, and now proved brave because others had made the decision for him. He then went to his brother Finn and demanded his help, but was mocked for the skirt regime that prevailed on Giske. Then he took his way to his youngest brother Arne, but he was also not keen on daring life and goods to help an outlaws alien. Then he sent bids to Calv for help. And as usual, he was the counselor and saw yes right away. Meanwhile, Astrid had sent her father to Sola, and her brothers Sigurd and Tore were sent north to Giske with ships and armed crew. It was now up to Finn and Arne that Calv here had looked right. Only by an unbreakable cohesion and fearless progress could a salvage of the descendant of the untrained astrid have led it up. With six ships and 540 men, they now entered Nidarholmen. In the shop, things were arranged with the king. The force out on the islet was an argument that was not to come by, and Olav gave in to the main thing that Stein had to get danger in peace. It was then decorated with the king's defeat. The Arnung brothers, except Calv, swore obedience and allegiance to the King for posterity.

Then it took a few years, and Olav Haraldsson had to carry out a rather humiliating escape from Norway. With this escape, the brothers Torberg, Finn and Arne followed. For a year and a half, Torberg was escaping from Gardarike. In 1030 he returned to Norway with Olav, and fought at the king's side at Stiklestad. After this, Torberg was not much talked about, and around 1050 he must have been dead. The next who took over Giske was probably Eystein Torbergsson Orre.

(Torberg belonged to the island of Giske in Sunnmøre. He belonged to a family called the Arnmead Natives. The Arnhem Natives belonged to what has been called the "Coastal Aristocracy", great chiefs who were tied to each other by marriage o




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Torberg Arnesson Giske's Timeline

Giske, Møre og Romsdal, Norway
Giske, Møre og Romsdal, Norway
Giske, Møre og Romsdal, Norway
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Aurland, Aurland, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
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Giske, Møre og Romsdal, Norway