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Geni is creating one family tree for the entire world, built from the collaborative research of millions of genealogists.

What is the World Family Tree?

The World Family Tree on Geni is the definitive family tree for the entire world. It respects the privacy of living people while allowing millions of users to collaborate on their shared ancestry by constantly expanding and improving the tree. The World Family Tree currently has more than 185 million profiles and is growing rapidly.
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Why is the World Family Tree better than having a standalone tree?

The World Family Tree is better because it is like having millions of people solving the same jigsaw puzzle together instead of each of us solving a separate, tiny puzzle. Traditionally, people have embarked on individual studies of their family history in the hope of preserving it for future generations. However, this isolated approach results in the same research being repeated over and over again. By combining all research into a single, collaborative tree, users can focus on verifying existing information and pursue new leads rather than wasting time repeating what others have already found.
With the World Family Tree you will be delighted to constantly discover new information about your family because so many other users are constantly working to improve it with new findings. Sources and citations are included so the work of others can be checked and enhanced. If mistakes are found, you can fix them quickly on the World Family Tree, which is not possible with standalone trees that are controlled by someone else. Thus, errors gradually disappear instead of perpetuating, growing worse, and achieving the false notion of accuracy simply by being repeated by others. The World Family Tree allows identical profiles to be merged into one, reducing duplication and collecting the best information for all to share. Profiles support multiple languages so you can easily document names and biographies separately in different languages. The World Family Tree is also curated; a large team of expert volunteer Curators help other Geni users by answering their questions and ensuring the high quality of the tree.

What does the future hold?

The World Family Tree is the largest high-quality collaborative family tree of the world and its continued growth and improvement will eventually make it the go-to reference for everyone in the world who wishes to learn more about their family history ​and see how their family connects to the rest of humanity. The World Family Tree becomes a richer resource for everyone every day as more profiles are added and documented with records and sources such as census records, gravestone photos and newspaper articles.